'Dancing with the Stars' Week 7 Preview: Time for a Dance-Off
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 7 Preview: Time for a Dance-Off
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
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Season 16 of Dancing with the Stars continues tonight and tomorrow with the final seven dance pairs remaining, who will face off in a dance-off. The teams will actually go head to head, giving the better dancers a few extra points.

Comedian Andy Dick has proven to be an entertaining and well-liked star, but will he be able to last another week? So far, the worst dancers of the season have been dropping like flies, leaving Andy as the most likely to go next. Can his's entertaining personality keep America from voting him off?

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Dance Night is Latin Night

From Stevie Wonder to "Latin Night." Last week, the legendary Stevie Wonder took over the performance show, and this week the competitors will be asked to dance to Latin hits.

Someone named Juanes will be performing in the ballroom this week, and apparently he is a Latin superstar. I apologize if Juanes is someone's favorite performer, but I have never heard of him before.

Mr. Michael Buble

The one and only Michael Buble will be performing on Tuesday night. He'll be bringing an extra round of cool to the show while promoting his new album To Be Loved. Buble will sing "Come Dance with Me."


The angle this week involves a good ole fashioned dance-off. The top dance couple will automatically be safe from elimination, which means either Zendaya or Kellie Pickler is likely to be safe.

The remaining six pairs are facing off against one another. Each couple will face off against another couple in a dance-off performing either the jive, cha cha cha, or rumba. The judges will determine who wins each dance-off, with each winning pair earning three bonus points.

The dance-off could prove to be crucial, especially for the stars in the middle of the pack, such as Ingo Rademacher and Sean Lowe.

Let's face it, Andy Dick is the worst dancer left, by far. However, if he can continue to entertain the crowd, he may still stand a chance if America votes for him. Ingo and Sean could really use those three bonus points to earn a little extra cushion to make sure they don't get voted off by the fans. What will be most interesting is seeing which stars face off against one another.

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