'Dancing with the Stars' Week 5 Preview: The Pros Return for Len Goodman's Side-By-Side Challenge
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 5 Preview: The Pros Return for Len Goodman's Side-By-Side Challenge
Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor
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Dancing with the Stars season 16 enters its fifth week, with fans having shown so far that if the stars can't dance, they won't last long. Dorothy Hamill bowed out, then American helped vote off country singer Wynonna Judd and reality star Lisa Vanderpump, as both showed they were two of the weakest dancers this season.

Will the fans continue to vote off the weakest dancers? Tonight, ABC adds to the difficulty with Len Goodman's side-by-side challenge. Can funny men D.L. Hughley and Andy Dick keep pace with the rest of the stars as the competition starts to get tougher?

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The Pros are Back in Town

Maks Chmerkovskiy, Tristan MacManus, Tony Dovolani, Chelsie Hightower and Anna Trebunskaya are among the pro dancers who will be returning to the show to take part in Len's side-by-side challenge. For Dancing with the Stars' biggest fans, bringing back these dancing pros may be an exciting feature, but for the casual dance fans, it's more of the change in structure that should create excitement.

What is a Side-By-Side Challenge?

Okay, so what is Len's side-by-side challenge? Every performance will start off with two professional dancers performing for the first 30 seconds of the routine. Each DWTS couple will then join them on the dance floor for the next 15 seconds, performing the same choreography. The final one minute and 15 seconds will then feature the couple performing on their own.

It seems as though the 15 seconds of dancing along with the professional pairs could prove to separate the strong from the weak. Those 15 seconds sharing the dance floor will likely highlight any weaknesses the star dancers have. If D.L., Andy and Victor were having problems before, I can't imagine them doing well in this challenge.

What Will Everyone Be Dancing?

In week 5, each pair of dancers will be performing a different style of dance. With the top three dancers so far: Kellie and Derek are doing the Foxtrot, Zendaya and Val will be performing the Argentine Tango, and Alexandra and Mark are doing the Samba. Sean and Peta will do the Quickstep, Ingo and Kym the Cha Cha Cha and Jacoby and Karina the Jive. Finally, with the bottom three: D.L. and Cheryl are doing the Tango, Andy and Sharna the Paso Doble and Victor and Lindsay the Viennese Waltz.

Only the Strong Survive

This season, there have been three dance pairs who have proven to be the strongest dancers. Zendaya, Kellie Pickler and Aly Raisman have shown they are the top contestants of season 16. The same goes for the worst dancers this season. Lisa and Wynonna have already been voted off, while D.L., Andy and boxer Victor Ortiz could be next.

It sounds like Len's side-by-side challenge will prove to be a much more difficult dancing challenge for the stars. Unless D.L., Andy and Victor can drastically improve, their weaknesses will likely be highlighted even more.

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