'Dancing with the Stars' Week 5 Elimination: Bye Mrs. Brady!
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 5 Elimination: Bye Mrs. Brady!
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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In the closest thing we've had to a surprise since week 1 of this season's Dancing with the Stars, fans saw the elimination of Florence Henderson during the week 5 Results Show. The elimination wasn't totally unexpected, but it was far from the most likely outcome going into the night.

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Unlike all those eliminated before her, Florence was not at the bottom of the dancing pantheon after Monday's performances. Her scores put her ahead of both Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin. Nevertheless, strong voter support for those below her left Florence next in line for elimination.
What dances led to Florence's departure? Let's look back on Florence Henderson's Dancing with the Stars run.
Week 1 Dance -- The Cha-Cha
Florence and Corky came out strong and fast in the first week of the competition. Blowing away any ideas that she was just another old lady, Florence raced through her fast steps with gusto. The dance wasn't exactly perfect, but it was enough to earn Florence praise, a solid 18 points and a tie for 7th place.

Bruno: "Oh Florence! You're a spunky lady, aren't you?"
Week 2 Dance -- The Quickstep
An incredibly lovely dress and a spirited quickstep marked the second week of competition for Florence and Corky. Although her score improved only slightly to 19 (earning 8th place), Florence showed that her week 1 energy was no fluke.

Len: "On that performance, I'll see you next week."
Week 3 Dance -- The Waltz
This was the week when Florence wore a dirndl. Also, she and Corky danced an emotional performance that Florence dedicated to her late husband. It ended with an impromptu kiss between the dancers, which was just kind of awesome. The slower dance oddly didn't fit Florence's style quite as well, but the judges were impressed by the overall performance. Florence and Corky managed a score of 20 to tie for 7th place.

Carrie Ann: "You actually had a story, and that's what pushed you through to another level."
Week 4 Dance -- The Rumba
Florence and Corky took the "sexy" component of this dance very seriously. Possibly too seriously. I still can't believe their children approved that dance! The dance was fairly good, although a little stiff, Florence earned praise and a total of 35 points (17 for technique, 18 for performance) for 6th place.

Carrie Ann: "What just happened?!? You're Mrs. Brady!"
Week 5 Dance -- The Tango
It was TV theme week, so of course Florence and Corky danced a tango to the theme from The Brady Bunch. It was possibly a silly choice, but overall it seemed to work. The judges were definitely impressed, giving Florence and Corky their highest score of 21 points, good for 6th place.

Len: "I think that's probably your best dance so far."

The End of the Line
Whatever Len may have thought about Florence's final dance, the voting audience obviously didn't agree. Possibly, everyone watching knew Florence would be out soon, lowering the motivation to vote. It's almost definite that the two performers scoring below Florence, Bristol and Kyle, had highly motivated fan blocks dedicated to keeping them on the program.

In any case, Florence has left the dance floor for good. We'll miss you Mrs. Brady!

What do you think of Florence Henderson's elimination? Do you agree with it? Or did you want someone else to go. Let us know!

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