'Dancing with the Stars' Week 3: Who's Going Home?
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 3: Who's Going Home?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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Tonight on Dancing with the Stars, it's all about stories. Some were told with overflowing emotion (Niecy Nash and Louis van Amstel) while others were paltry attempts at a story (she's blindfolded, he leads the way. That's a story?).

'Dancing with the Stars' Live Recap: Tell Us a Story

Judging from last week's elimination, America couldn't care less if a contestant is compared to a shopping cart being pushed around (Kate Gosselin) or if it looked like he forgot to take off his moon boots (Buzz Aldrin). In other words, skills can only go so far on Dancing with the Stars, and lack of skills can surprisingly take you, well, far. Confusing.

The week 3 leader board is after the jump:

Last night's leaderboard:

Evan and Anna = 26
Erin and Maks = 23
Nicole and Derek = 23
Pamela and Damian = 21
Jake and Chelsie = 21
Niecy and Louis Van = 21
Aiden and Edyta = 20
Chad and Cheryl = 20
Kate and Tony = 15
Buzz and Ashley = 13

Who's going home? Our verdict: Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood

dwts-pam-week3.jpgNeedless to say, this is a very heavy prediction to make. We want Pam and rookie Aussie Damian to make it far. However, with a bunch of pairs in the middle of the pack, we can't take that bottom 2 finish last week lightly. It said a lot about Pam's fans, or lack thereof (although you'd think those teenage boys watching Baywatch in the 90s, now in their 20s, could be counted on to vote for her).

Buzz Aldrin and--dare we say it?--Kate Gosselin seem to have fan bases of their own. Buzz is milking the patriotic cow for all its worth. Bruno said there was a "problem" with the movement in their waltz, and we say, what movement? And Kate, despite the furor of those who hate her with every inch of their beings (just give the comments sections a quick glance), the fact that she had more votes than Pam and Shannen Doherty speaks volumes about her legion of sympathizers (we heard the term was Team Kate).

Who do you think is heading home?

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