'Dancing with the Stars' Week 1 Elimination: Why Did We Reject World Peace?
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 1 Elimination: Why Did We Reject World Peace?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It may have been because of the bad dancing. That's a definite possibility.

With only 14 points earned from the judges for his cha cha with Peta Murgatroyd, Metta World Peace (formerly known as Ron Artest), was the lowest-scored dancer of the night. But, since Ron/Metta wasn't too far behind his competition -- only a single point separated each week 1 dancer -- we have to wonder if there was more to the elimination of World Peace from Dancing with the Stars.

The Dancing
Simply put, Metta's performance with Peta was sloppy. He missed steps, his style wasn't quite right and there was no adherence to proper cha-cha style. The judges were perfectly justified in their low scores (even that 4) and in their criticism.

On the other hand, it was an awfully entertaining dance. Unlike many of his season 13 competitors, Metta World Peace figured out in week 1 that it's not all about the steps. Elisabetta Canalis, for example, was the second-lowest scorer of the night with a bland and forgettable cha cha. Think about it honestly: Would you rather watch Elisabetta's cha cha or Metta's cha cha for a second time?

Personally, I'd go for World Peace.

The Timing
The first dance of the season led to the first elimination. This is not entirely a coincidence.

Going first may have contributed to Metta's elimination in two ways. First, there's always the problem of forgetful voters when a dancer performs at the beginning of the show. While later dances might still be fresh in viewers' minds, only a truly stunning early dance will be recalled.

The other problem with going first: Judges ready and willing to critique. Was Metta truly worse than Elisabetta? Than Rob or Nancy? It's possible. But the full-on criticism the basketball player received from Len seemed to be partially motivated by his top-of-the-show  timing.

The Name Change
Frankly, it's weird.

Any name change is going to be a bit of an issue for a DWTS contestant. And a name change from the perfectly normal "Ron Artest" to the bizarre "Metta World Peace" -- **after the official cast announcement -- has to be an issue.

One would hope that most Dancing with the Stars viewers are bright enough to make the connection. Still, every vote counts.

So it could have been anything that led to the elimination of Metta World Peace. His low dancing scores, the judges' criticism, poor timing of the dance and even the celebrity's name are all possible contributing factors.

But it was probably the bad dancing.

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Was Metta World Peace the correct choice for the first DWTS elimination? Should someone else have gone instead? Who will be the next star to fall? Leave your theories, opinions and comments below!

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