'Dancing with the Stars' Week 1 Elimination: The Hoff Is Off
'Dancing with the Stars' Week 1 Elimination: The Hoff Is Off
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
David Hasselhoff managed only one week on Dancing with the Stars? Say it ain't so, Hoff!

Unfortunately (at least for all you Germans out there), Hasselhoff did indeed become the first casualty of season 11. The Hoff didn't exactly give an incredible performance: his 15 points tied for last place in the judge's rankings. Still, Hasselhoff's star presence and entertainment value seemed enough to ensure his presence for at least a few more episodes.

Alas, it was not to be. But why?

Margaret Cho and The Situation received equally low scores, yet they remain. Michael Bolton put on much less of a show (and not much more dancing), and he survives to dance another day. What was so wrong with the Hoff?

A few theories:

  • When your daughters are most proud that your knees didn't go out during the performance, maybe it's time to go home.
  • Voters were blinded by the pyrotechnics and thus could not find the correct buttons on their cell phones.
  • America can only take one contestant using "The" as part of his moniker. The Situation's got it covered, Hoff.
  • Florence Henderson is enough "old person" for the contestant pool.
  • The Germans didn't want to pay the international calling and texting fees necessary to keep Hasselhoff on the air.
  • People who got "Sex Bomb" stuck in their heads exacted their revenge by voting for Michael Bolton and Margaret Cho instead.
  • Hasselhoff's contemporaries were all in bed by the time he danced - it was almost 10 PM!
  • Viewers switched over to a more entertaining Baywatch rerun instead of sitting through Hasselhoff's performance.
  • His dancing really wasn't very good.
Not that it could possibly be that last reason. After all, many, many past contestants have shown that it is not bad dancing alone that sends you home during the first week of DWTS.

Do you think David Hasselhoff was the right choice to go home? Should it have been another celebrity? Vote and comment below to let your voice be heard!

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