Dancing with the Stars: Gilles Marini Defends Cheryl Burke, Plus More Talks About Steve Wozniak
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Dancing with the StarsCheryl Burke has endured some nasty comments over the past few months and it has nothing to do with her dancing ability.  The 24-year-old professional dancer has become the subject of tabloids, evidently for the change in her weight after gaining a few extra pounds.  The criticism has certainly taken an emotional toll on Burke so her dance partner, Gilles Marini, has decided to speak in her defense.

"If women look like her, that would be the perfect world. She doesn't need to change anything.  Who likes stick-skinny girls? Where's the flavor? Whoever likes those stick-skinny girls never had sex before in their life," Gilles told E! News, giving fans more reason to admire the Dancing with the Stars frontrunner.

Meanwhile, the rest of the participants of Dancing with the Stars have nothing but kind words for the recently eliminated contestant, Steve Wozniak.

"For a guy who pretty much invented the computer, he handwrote us all letters, which is amazing. A little over two pages for each person," Derek Hough said.

"He gave us all gifts," Lil’ Kim added.

"[Steve Wozniak] is such a nice gentleman with such a great spirit. I think if he knew how to rig the vote, I don't think he'd do it," Ty Murray said.

Wozniak, who was paired with professional dance partner Karina Smirnoff, went out of his comfort zone as one of the 13 celebrity contestants on Dancing with the Stars.  He wasn’t exactly a pleasant sight but the crowd seemed to enjoy his charming presence on the dance floor. Though he was eliminated during the fourth week of the competition, he seemed to have gained a new perspective on dancing.

"I will dance wherever I am. I will take ballroom lessons. I'll make it a part of my life. I hope there are a lot of other people like me that never danced their entire lives. [People] sitting at a computer terminal all day long, who are afraid to [dance]. You can actually go out there and dance and have fun," Wozniak said of his dancing future.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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