Dancing with the Stars 8: Time For Some Shockers
No, not that kind of shocker. Get your minds out of the gutter. Heh.

What I mean is, we're down to the final six on Dancing with the Stars, and with the ouster of Lawrence Taylor this week, and the dramatic improvements on the parts of Chuck Wicks and Ty Murray, every single couple left in the competition has what it takes to be the winner of season 8.

We started off the season with the Big Three: Melissa Rycroft, Gilles Marini and Shawn Johnson. They all contributed to a very high bar set, and they all consistently reach that bar. I really couldn't tell you which of these three deserves to win the most. To complicate matters, Lil' Kim has adorably elbowed her way into this high-achieving club. Not only is her dance quality just as good, but she's also got such an infectious enthusiasm for being on the show that you just know that audiences are rooting for her.

So the Big Three has become the Big Four.

Then, there are Chuck Wicks and Ty Murray, who as I mentioned above, have really stepped up their game. They represent the kind of underdog stories that both Dancing with the Stars and America just eats up. They were kind of weak at the beginning, each hiding behind their professional partner a little too much, but against all odds, this simple country singer and this macho bull rider have blossomed into bedazzled dancing men. Do they have what it takes to win the competition?

I don't know. For the first time all season, it is really, honestly, frustratingly difficult to predict who will go home. I would be heart-broken to see any of the Big Four leave, but neither do I want Chuck or Ty to go home. Sigh. This is tough.

Alright, but somebody has to go home, right? Fine, I'll make a decision. I think that Chuck Wicks has the biggest chance of being eliminated this week because out of all the dancers, he is still playing wallflower a little too much during his routines. Plus, even if he gets eliminated, he'll still have access to private dance lessons from his girlfriend and partner, Julianne Hough. Wait, but since they will be doing a Latin dance, that makes me think that Ty might get the boot, since he is so much stronger in ballroom styles. It's too hard to make a choice!

Next week on Dancing with the Stars, each couple will perform one unlearned Latin dance that has been featured from Week 1 through Week 6. Everyone will also split up into two teams of three couples, either Team Mambo or Team Tango, for a group face-off.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)