Dancing With the Stars 5/7 Quick Thoughts
Controversy in the making for tonight’s Dancing With the Stars.   We all remember the infamous Tamara Grey situation on American Idol, in which her phone number appeared for a very short amount of time.  On this week's Dancing With the Stars, a Joey and Kym segment was wrongly attributed to Billy Ray and Karina, and while their number was not on the screen it was given.   This was not, thankfully, the most exciting part of the evening however, that was in the dancing.  Who tanked, who scored the perfect score, read on to find out.

Ian & Cheryl were unremarkable on their first set, but smoking on their second dance.  Sexy stuff, stiffness still gone, but not yet at the level that cries out “We want to win”, and it is getting a bit too late for that.

Joey & Kym had similar evening, the second set was much more dynamic, but they looked, dare I say, comfortable tonight.  Definitely not a good thing for this duo. 

Billy Ray & Karina.  Who does not expect them to get voted off this week?  They are seriously the last remaining technically deficient couple, on Billy Ray’s part anyways, and it is just obvious that it is time for him to go home.  I will admit, I still had my eyes open for coup, but it didn’t happen.

Laila & Maksim were awesome as anticipated.  Still contenders straight to the end.  I have little doubt they are bottom three material and could still win this thing.

Apolo & Julianne owned the evening tonight.  There was not a singly downside to their performance.  In terms of who was kicking things up a notch, the spotlight was right here.  Apolo & Julianne were the only couple to truly bring their game up a notch.

In the end the scores had Billy predictably at the bottom with, Apolo & Julianne at the top, and Joey and Kym a close second.   The question is, if anybody other than Billy Ray is voted off next week will the erroneous voice over of Billy Ray’s number during Joey’s clip be used to counter the elimination?   This could be a first for Dancing With the Stars.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Photo copyright © 2007 ABC/Carol Kaelson)