Dancing With the Stars 5/21 Live Thoughts
Tonight is all or nothing night for Dancing With the Stars final three.  One will win, two will lose. It's down to the Olympic Gold medalist  Apolo Anton Ohno,  Former boy band member  Joey Fatone (N-Sync), and womans boxing champion  Laila Ali.   By all rights, tonight would be the night when the dancers give it there all.  Keep checking for up to the minute updates on the action

  • Ali is up first.  Perhaps the best choreographed dance of the season.  Absolutely stunning.  Earns Laila and Maksim an impressive 29 but definitely deserved a ten.  Prior to the dance Ali said she would be stepping it up tonight and doing some moves that were beyond her stature.  She delivered with a bullet.  Great performance and a heck of a pace setter.

  • Apolo and Julianne will be doing the Rhumba.  Apolo will be doing a little break dancing.  By contrast, the choreography is not as good as Ali, but overall it is awesome.  Carrie and Len didn't like it, Bruno is furious.  Nice round between Len and Bruno.  Tom breaks it up. 28 out of 30.

  • Joey is up. They start the Cha Cha off with a weird marionette routine.  Way more upbeat music than Apolo and Julianne.  Nicely physical and some interesting choreography.  The crowd goes wild.  Carrie and Len say the dance was not true to form.  Surprisingly Bruno is in their court.  The judge unanimously consider this free-style, not cha cha.  I'm sensing a 27. But it's a 26!  Whoa!

  • Laila starts off the free style.  This is where it should get interesting.  It starts out a little pedestrian.  They picked it up a bit towards the end, but this was not the write way to end it for Ali.  The first half was her high point, but the last round is what will be remembered.  They earned a 26.

  • So here's the thing.  Apolo and Julianne put on a performance that is going to be difficult, if not impossible to beat on the level of pure physicality.   The judges are unanimous.  This was easily the best set of the night.  They score a 30.  How couldn't they.

  • Joey and Kym put a valiant effort into the free-style.  Vs Ohno?  No.  But a 30 from the judges non the less.
- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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