Bristol Palin Appears in a Music Video
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Not getting enough Bristol on Dancing with the Stars? Then you're in luck.

While Bristol Palin certainly counts as the "star" with the least amount of celebrity background on this season of DWTS, she is far from an obscure figure. Along with her mother's political fame, Bristol is known through her teen pregnancy, her subsequent public-speaking career and her not-media shy ex-fiance. But is that enough?

If it isn't, then there is fortunately more Bristol available to sate our Palin appetite. An Alaska-based band called Static Cycle has released an early cut of their upcoming music video. This video, accompanying the song "Inside This World of Mine" was filmed at a bunch of cold places (probably to make sure everyone knows the band is from Alaska), including a glacier and an ice museum.

Yes, they have an ice museum in Alaska.

In addition to all the ice, the video features Bristol Palin. The released cut shows Bristol gazing at a rose under glass and wearing a vaguely Russian-looking fur hat. It's hard to say whether the hat refers to some Russian novel theme of cold despair (always appropriate for a serious music video) or to Alaska's famous proximity to Russia. It's also possible that someone on the set just liked the hat. If nothing else, it's a very pretty mink.

The band met Bristol through mutual friends and hometown connections (lead vocalist Jared Navarre comes from Wasilla too). As they explained to Zap2It, "She was as excited about starring in our video as we were to work with her." The band may be a good choice for Alaska-loving Bristol, since their website lays claim to the title of "the biggest band in Alaska."

While Bristol does not show off any of her newly-acquired dancing moves in the video, she does look very lovely (and kind of cold) gazing at a rose.

Want to see the video for yourself?

What do you think? Did you like the video? How about the music? Is rock music the next stop for Bristol Palin?

(Image courtesy of staticcycleTV via YouTube)