Behind the Scenes of 'Dancing with the Stars' with Sabrina Bryan
Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan might be in the bottom of our most recent power rankings of Dancing with the Stars, but she's still considered a favorite in some areas, due in large part to her previous experience with dance.

Whether she'll be able to translate her hip hop background into a ballroom win remains to be seen, but in the meantime, she recently shared some behind-the-scenes dish about Dancing with the Stars.

Sabrina, an Orange County girl, is speaking weekly with a local paper about her experiences on the show.

She first talked about her challenges with quickstep: “I could not remember the quickstep. It was, for some reason, not staying in my brain. Fortunately all of the steps came into play and it all worked out really, really well (on the show). I really proved a lot to myself.”

She also spoke about the next step to master on the Dancing with the Stars, and how the recent sad news of the passing of Jane Seymour's mom changed the order of dances to help Jane with the difficult time. “We're…doing the jive. We were set to do the tango, but when things happened with Jane Seymour and her mom passing away, we were asked if we would switch and do the jive, and let Jane do the tango. I'm sure with the amount of time she's going to have, trying to do some fast, upbeat routine was not going be in her ozone layer, you know? Anything to help her make it through this week and come back – we were actually really happy to help out.”

She also discussed the challenges of being in a competition with people who are becoming good friends. “The cast is just getting really, really close. Last night, Jennie Garth, who I've gotten a chance to get really, really close with, was in the bottom four. And my heart was just racing, hoping she'd be saved. And when she was, it took every muscle in my body not to run down and hug her. We get along so well. She's such a sweetheart.

But I think at the same time, in the back of their heads – especially with the professional dancers – they're really sizing everyone up, looking at who the competition is. They all want to be there for the final."

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: OC Register
(Image courtesy of ABC)