Dance War: Top 10 Recap
Dance War: Top 10 Recap
It was Motown/R&B night last week on Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann, and Teams Carrie Ann and Bruno danced and sang to the best of their abilities. Dance War being the kind of reality show in which you wish everyone could succeed, it was so sad to learn that Team Bruno got fewer votes than Team Carrie Ann last week. Bruno Tonioli had to make the difficult decision of cutting one member of his singing and dancing team, and that person was Charity. Now that Bruno is down a member, we'll find out tonight if his team held their own against Carrie Ann's team or if he'll have to cut another member at the end of the night.

The stage is set for a country music night on Dance War. For their big opening number, both teams join to perform "Big & Rich." They've got cowboy hats and boots on, and there is fringe everywhere. I kind of love it. I haven't been a country music fan for much of my life, but I've just started getting into it, so I really appreciate tonight's theme.

Carrie Ann brought a mechanical bull to their rehearsals last week. As the representative Southerner on Team Carrie Ann, Bradley rocks the bull riding. But after their bit of fun, it's right back to business. Carrie Ann Inaba really, truly looks like a great team captain. She's tough and is certainly no pushover, but she's also really encouraging.

For Team Carrie Ann's first performance of the evening, Elizabeth, Mariel, Allysa, Chris, Qis and Bradley do "Devil Went Down to Georgia," which is an awesome, awesome song. The boys take center stage in this performance, taking the lead with the spoken word verses. In my mind, Team Carrie Ann can do no wrong, even with another microphone malfunction. After the performance, Carrie Ann commends Qis the most. Bruno jumps in to criticize Chris' dancing skills.

After cutting Charity from his team, Bruno had to build up his team again over the past week. He started out the rehearsals with a big group hug. But the show must go on, and they quickly got about learning their country-inspired choreo. Three out of the five remaining performers are from the South, so we're all expecting a lot out of them.

For Team Bruno's first performance, Kelsey, Tony, Phillip, Zack and Lacey perform "Life is a Highway." They open right off the bat with some impressive acrobatics moves. They are still clearly the superior dancing team. I'm not sure I like the particular vocal arrangement that they are using, but I like the rock and roll feel they put into the song. After the performance, Bruno praises Phillip for having grown as a performer, but he seems disappointed with the group's overall lack of edginess.

In the middle of the episode, Drew Lachey plays ABC's little lap dog and interviews Matt Grant, the star of the new season of The Bachelor. I must say that Matt Grant is very handsome and looks really charming, but I'm not sure that's enough to make me watch The Bachelor. After that bit of cross-network masturbation, country music star Taylor Swift performs a song. Look, people: Dance War is an hour and a half show with maybe about 45 minutes of actual content, so they've got to fluff it up somehow.

Round two begins with some more clips from rehearsal last week, and more of Carrie Ann being a hard-ass. She tells them all to stop resting on their laurels. It also seems that there is a budding romance brewing between Qis and Mariel. Carrie Ann lectures them on intra-group romances and the dangers of teammate-cest.

For their second performance of the night, Team Carrie Ann performs "Black Horse," this time showcasing the vocal talents of the women in the group. Carrie Ann raves about the performance, but Bruno thinks that their dancing was not difficult enough.

Team Bruno performs "These Boots were Made for Walking," another great song, but one which I will forever associate with Fembots. They do a great job again, very tight choreography, but their voices don't blend as well as they could have. I can see why they had to do laps while singing in rehearsal, because they are really out of breath at the end of the song. Bruno tongue-bathes Kelsey, who opened the number with the first vocal solo.

Before we find out which team had the fewest votes last week, we get a behind the scenes look at the rivalry that occurs when the two teams join to practice their opening group numbers. However, I think they are just trying to manufacture some inter-group drama that doesn't actually exist.

And finally, Drew Lachey announces the result of last week's vote: Team Carrie Ann won the vote, so Team Bruno must lose another member. Bruno immediately chooses Kelsey, Phillip and Lacey. This means that Zack and Tony have one last chance to convince Bruno of their star quality. They sing "If Tomorrow Never Comes." You all know that Zack is my boy, but Tony is really talented too and I can't decide who is better. Also, Garth Brooks has some sad, sad, sad songs that never fail in making me tear up, y'all. Bruno picks Zack to keep around to next week, and Tony must end his journey on Dance War. Sob!

To vote for Team Bruno, call 1-866-599-WAR-1. To vote for Team Carrie Ann, call 1- 866-599-WAR-2.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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