Dance War: Season Finale Recap
Dance War: Season Finale Recap
Carrie Ann Inaba's singing and dancing team suffered their first loss last week on Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann. This brings the score to Carrie Ann 2, Bruno 1. The two teams face off for the last time on tonight's season finale, and the winning team will be awarded with a contract with Hollywood Records. Will it be Carrie Ann's team, consisting of Elizabeth, Mariel, Chris, Qis and Bradley? Or will it be Bruno Tonioli's team, consisting of Kelsey, Phillip, Zack and Lacey?

Well, we can't find out until we wade through a seemingly never-ending recap of the previous six weeks. While I watch the recap, I'm struck by the difference in attractiveness between the two groups. Bruno clearly has the more TV-pretty team.

Drew Lachey doubles as host and musical guest tonight. Dressed in a snazzy tux, he sings “Steppin' Out,” as both teams dance and sing along. Personally, I'm not too impressed with his singing. The song is too low for his register and he doesn't project very well. All the other performers outshine him, but it's a cute number, anyway.

During rehearsal this past week, Bruno spoiled his team with a pool party, but soon enough, it was back to the rehearsal room. They'll be performing “These Boots Were Made For Walking” again and Bruno was tougher on them in rehearsal than usual. As in their first performance, Kelsey opens the number with her sultriest Louisiana drawl. Their choreography is just as tight and as impressive as before, but I still can't get excited about their singing, and the girls even get a little bit, dare I say it, pitchy at the very end. Afterwards, Bruno raves in his quintessential Bruno way, and Carrie Ann graciously agrees that they rock.

Fresh off her first loss last week, Carrie Ann rallies the troops for an encore of “Papa Was a Rollin' Stone.” They are a woman down, but I am mesmerized by their singing prowess nonetheless. Their voices blend so well with each other, but their individual solos are strong too. After the performance, Carrie Ann is just over the moon about how far her team has come. Bruno agrees that they are more engaging and entertaining than ever.

Interspersed throughout this two-hour season finale, Kenny Mayne, along with Dancing with the Stars alumni Lisa Rinna and Jerry Rice, presents a very special edition of Dancecenter to reveal the cast of the new season of Dancing with the Stars. Kenny is wearing sparkly blue eye shadow and a sparkly purple top—oh, that Kenny! What a cad.

And the 12 celebrity dancers slated for season 6 of Dancing with the Stars are:

Marlee Matlin – the first deaf actress to win an Academy Award
Penn Jillette – magician
Marissa Jaret Winokur – Tony Award winner for Hairspray
Adam Carolla – radio host
Kristi Yamaguchi – Olympic gold medal-winning figure skater
Cristián De La Fuente – Chilean telenovela heartthrob
Monica Seles – professional tennis player and infamous grunter
Mario – R&B singer
Steve Guttenberg – movie star
Jason Taylor – NFL All-Star
Shannon Elizabeth – actress known best for American Pie
Priscilla Presley – actress once married to Elvis

The new season of Dancing with the Stars premieres on March 17 on ABC.

But back to Dance War. This week, Team Bruno recorded their first original single called “Falling In Love“ for Hollywood Records, and they perform it live for the first time tonight. I don't deny that this group of four are very talented singers and dancers, but I kind of hate the song. It's repetitive to the point of monotony and virtually indistinguishable from the slew of pop songs out there right now. The song doesn't really showcase all of their talents either, which is a crying shame.

Likewise, Team Carrie Ann recorded their original single, “Come With It” this week. The song is only marginally better than “Falling In Love.” I'm such a big fan of Team Carrie Ann that I'm sad at how amateurish they sound, and they don't have the dance abilities to make up for it. Their outfits are kind of badass, though. Carrie Ann, at least, is happy with how they perform and impulsively runs and gives them a hug as soon as they finish.

Teams Bruno and Carrie Ann come together one last time to perform “One Night Only” before finding out who the champion is. It's a shame that they can't form a nine-member supergroup because they are all so darn appealing.

And finally, at long last, after nearly 120 minutes of television, we find out who is the winning team. Drew Lachey has the envelope in his hand. And the winner of the first season of Dance War is Team Bruno. I guess this wasn't really a war, then? Because the Team Carrie Ann won two weeks, and Team Bruno won two weeks, so by all counts, it should be a tie. I guess this last vote was the only one that really counted. Nevertheless, Team Bruno had better dance abilities and weren't terrible at singing, and they were much stronger in the looks department, to boot, so I think they deserve the win.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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