'Dance Moms' Recap: Abby's Secret Weapon
'Dance Moms' Recap: Abby's Secret Weapon
It's no surprise that Abby favors Maddie most of the time, and this week is no different when she secretly plans to enter Maddie into not one, but two solo competitions. Because 'Starpower' is so large this year, they split it into two completely different competitions at locations very close to one another. The wheels in Abby's head start to spin with the possibilities, and she decides to have Maddie dance at both locations with different routines to increase her chances of winning. I'm not sure how I feel about this one, because it seems like a lot of pressure to put on Maddie but at the same time it gets her a great amount of exposure. Yet again, Abby has found a sure fire way to stir up drama between the moms and it doesn't look like they will let her get away with this one!

Payton's Return

The Dance Moms get an unexpected surprise when Abby brings Payton back to the competition team to replace Brooke after she decides to attend her school dance instead of going to Starpower. As you might imagine, the moms are less than pleased, and are as icy towards Leslie as ever when she joins them in the viewing room. Rumor has it Payton is bullying some other dancers in the studio, which doesn't exactly make the moms too keen on her dancing for their team. And after the last time we heard from Payton, she seemed a little too cocky to fit in with this group.

The 'Hunger Games' Comes to Starpower

It's the anniversary for the 'Starpower' competition, and this year's promises to be the largest in the country. This also means double the pressure on the girls because there is no way Abby will accept anything but top scores from her dancers. In keeping with today's popular themes, Abby has wisely chosen to do a 'Hunger Games' inspired routine that features Payton as a huntress and the other girls as the bait. I guess I can see how the moms are a little pissed that Payton comes in at the last minute and then has a feature roll, but then again, she's so tall that the group would look strange if she weren't in some way separated from the others. Not to mention, I think the role of a huntress is appropriate for her if the rumors are true that she isn't being so nice in the studio.

It looks like the theme paid off because the girls finished in second place, only one tenth of a point behind the first place winners. But you know Abby, second place doesn't count for anything next to the gold.

Maddie's Double Win

I can't believe it, but Maddie not only made it to the second competition to do her back-up solo, but she nailed them both and won first place at both Starpower locations! Maddie really is an amazing dancer, and she deserves all the praise that she gets, but I can understand why the other moms are feeling like they get the short end of the stick. The moms didn't get a chance to complain about the whole situation yet, but I'm sure we will see plenty of drama because of this whole secret dance next week.

What do you think of tonight's theme? How did this dance compare to others? Do you think Abby should have kept Maddie's second dance a secret from the other moms? Leave your comments and come back next week for your Dance Moms commentary!

Kathryn MacDougall
Contributing Writer

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