'Dance Moms: Miami' Recap: Sore Losers
'Dance Moms: Miami' Recap: Sore Losers
Tensions run high this week not just between the moms, but also among the coaches, and it all begins when Susan can't handle her daughter's punishment for her childish behavior in the last competition. The Stars' mom proceeds to throw a tantrum when the list is revealed and her daughter isn't on top, and thinks that no matter what she does, she should always be first in line. Can we say delusional? She should watch Abby Lee and her Dance Moms because then she would realize that dance coaches punish the dancer even when the mom acts out. Let's see how far arguing with the coaches gets her - at least it will be an entertaining season if she keeps this up. She'll be the most hated mom in no time.

The Meanest Mom of Them All

After watching two full seasons of Abby Lee's crazy moms, I thought nothing could shock me - until tonight. While mid-competition, Jessi's mom Susan asks Victor at the very last minute to let Jessi improve a solo because she is "the best dancer in the group." First of all, I would love to know when a coach would let a dancer just improve a dance at a competition at the last second, and keep in mind, Jessi has been put at the bottom of the list for a reason. All I can say is, are you kidding me? This has to be one of the most ridiculous requests I've ever seen on any Dance Moms season. The nerve to say in front of all the other moms and dancers that her daughter is clearly the best dancer in the group grants her the title of worst Dance Mom in Miami thus far.

War Between Coaches

Victor and Angel butt heads in the studio when they can't come to an agreement on Sammy's choreography. The tension really begins when Victor lets Jessi's little infraction slide while Angel wants her to realize that both her and her mother's behavior is unacceptable. I have to say, I'm on Angel's side on this one. Ripping a trophy out of a teammate's hands in front of a huge audience is completely unprofessional and childish. It doesn't matter how good of a dancer she is, even the best dancers need to learn a lesson from time to time.

Things boil over when Angel boldly tells Victor in the middle of his rehearsal with Sammy that he hates the choreography. In this situation, the only side I'm on is Sammy's. The coaches should take their own advice and keep their arguments to themselves and not snap at each other in front of their students and moms. Unfortunately for Angel, he has to bite his tongue when Sammy takes first place using Victor's choreography. Maybe next time he will trust his partner and keep things peaceful in the dance studio ... but I doubt it.

Stars at Starbound

Everyone performs well with their solos this week and Hannah lands in fourth place, Lucas in second and Sammy in first. It looks like Victor and Angel must be doing something right for their kids to all earn top spots among hundreds of other competitors! Not only did the soloists steal the spotlight, but the overall group number took first place with their "City Boy" number. I can see why they feature Lucas a lot because of his undeniably beautiful technique, but I hope they feature other dancers in the group numbers in upcoming competitions.

Next week it looks like Susan will have something else to complain about and Sammy might be sabotaged. What do you think of tonight's episode? Who is your favorite dancer? Which mom is the best Dance Mom on the Stars' team? Leave your comments and come back to BuddyTV every Tuesday for your Dance Moms: Miami commentary!

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