'Dance Moms' Finale Recap: Nationals on Bourbon Street
'Dance Moms' Finale Recap: Nationals on Bourbon Street
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Dance Moms has given us a season of 34 episodes as well as tell-alls and chatter. With no word yet, fans do not know if the show will be renewed. This is the season finale and it seems fitting that the show and National championship be set in New Orleans. And with Cathy's team along for the ride, there will be a party and throw-down on Bourbon Street.

The New Orleans' pyramid has the usual suspects -- Paige, Nia, Brooke, Kendall and Payton -- on the row of shame. Second row features Chloe, Asia and MacKenzie with Maddie, the overachiever, on top. Abby tells everyone that Cathy is there and the group dance will be a specially written musical tribute to the hurricane victims. All will learn a solo but compete against a partner for the dance.

Since Maddie will be with Paige and Nia, she's got that number sewed up, folks. Holly knows it, as do Kelly and Christie. While Jill thinks that the duplicate learning is good, Kelly sees that Abby has another chance of belittling the girls through an unfair competition. Christie feels Payton has no right to a solo because she doesn't dance with the company on a regular basis.

In the mom's room, Jill is worried about Cathy and her team with choreography by Blake McGrath. Cathy's number is called "Voodoo." The moms are discussing Payton's return. Christie sees Leslie as a moocher trying to take a solo away from one of the regulars.

Asia and MacKenzie will be dancing to "Dance Doctor." Both will improv, which gives Asia an advantage because MacKenzie doesn't improv. Melissa blows up at MacKenzie for not trying. As each practice occurs, it is obvious that the numbers are designed for one of the set (Maddie, Chloe, Asia and Payton). All the moms but Melissa admit it.

The moms get a chance to see the city, and they head to the French Quarter and booze. Between voodoo dolls, curses and Leslie, a fight breaks out between Christie and Leslie on the streets, with men having to keep the two apart. The next day, the moms discuss the night with Kristie defending Leslie, who is missing in action. Kristie tells Christie to control herself and announces that she and Asia are leaving that day. Abby is upset because Asia was a shoo-in to win.

Abby goes in and announces to the girls that Asia is leaving. The moms join Abby, who tells them that they have run off another mom. Christi and Leslie are told to leave. Abby is taking all back to the drawing boards. Cathy is talking to her team and they're practicing "Voodoo" which seems appropriate for New Orleans. Of course, Cathy is making changes. Abby is talking to the girls about what happened and she's reworking the group number. Maddie, Kendall and MacKenzie get solos with Brooke's eliminated. Melissa thinks that Asia's absence will make MacKenzie relax.

Abby is doing her usual "dressing room" pep talk, which focuses on beating Cathy. Cathy is doing the same thing and mentions that Kristie, Christie and Leslie are missing. Cathy's happy because she thinks that it will make it easier for her group to win. MacKenzie is up first and scared. Of course, Abby Lee and Candy Apple's dressing rooms are side by side. When Abby calls MacKenzie her daughter, Cathy laughs.

MacKenzie's routine is typical of what she generally does, but she has learned some of Asia's styles and moves. Kendall is up next with "Voodoo Doll" and performing musical theatre. She has improved her facials this year, and the routine looks elegant and smooth. Maddie dances her usual style to "Amazing Grace." Cathy's group dance is dark and features two boys. Abby's, by contrast, is lighter and hopeful.

At awards, MacKenzie takes second place. Kendall takes second place, with Maddie winning the high score and national title in junior elite solos. In the small group, Cathy gets second and Abby gets first with "Home Again." Cathy is headed back to the round table, while Abby is unsure what the future holds since her mom is ill.

And next week, we have another reunion show.

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