'Dance Moms' Chatter Part 1 Recap: Give Me a Drink and I'll Sit Down and Talk
'Dance Moms' Chatter Part 1 Recap: Give Me a Drink and I'll Sit Down and Talk
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Once again, Dance Moms decides to give us a reunion (excuse me -- a talk) show edition of the program. This time around, we're to be treated to a talk show format featuring executive producer Jeff Collins as the host, guests and clips of the show (which makes up for Abby's absence).

The first clip that Collins presents reminds us of the walk-out of the moms in support of Kelly, the moms and kids return, Abby referring to everyone (especially the kids) as brats, Holly's great "monstrosity of evil" line, Jill calling Abby on her feelings toward the kids and Abby's unleashing of anger at Maddie about her participation in the walk-out. Mr. Collins, get over this already because we've already seen this once too often! Christi and Kelly join Collins on stage as the "fan favorite divas" with a martini glass in hand. Are they drinking already?

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Collins talks to the two Dance Moms about Abby's two boyfriends. (Yeah -- you heard that right.) The moms say that one is the bus driver, who she always takes to dinner on Friday night of comps, and the other is in LA. They think Abby is just using him (for photos?). Kelly and Christi talk about their friendship, which appears to be back on track. We learn that Kelly worries that Christi will not "always have her back," while Christi mentions Kelly's trust issues.

They are joined by ultimate Dance Moms fans, Lisa Arch (a comedienne) and Nadine Rajaji (popular culture guru/columnist), and the talk turns to their family relationship. Collins mentions that they have sacrificed a lot to be on the show. Both admit that they couldn't function without their husbands' support and that both also have "help" (or is that assistants?).

Kaya is the last guest to join the party (with drink in hand) and gives each of the original Dance Moms a nickname. I must admit, I didn't catch all the names because I'm focused on the fact that Collins introduces her as a "fan favorite"!

Other Items of Interest:

-- Asia has referred to Christi as "fat Christi" and her mom as "Skinny Kristi."

-- The other moms fear Asia's mom.

-- Collins brings up the hazing of new members, with clips to illustrate the point. The best thing about this is the reaction of Christi and Kelly to their comments.

-- There's a reminder that Kaya earned her nickname as "Black Patsy" from her mom, who said Kaya reminded her of Patsy Ramsey.

-- Kaya likes Cathy! She also calls the original cast of Dance Moms crazy.

-- There's some discussion (with no real information) on the same duet!

-- Everyone talks about the "same duet" done by Chloe and Maddie in the competition -- the same song, the same steps, the same costume -- with Chloe's, then Maddie's, first placement. While nothing new comes up, we get the moms' opinions.

-- The discussion also centers on the tears shed on the show by Abby, the moms and the kids. Kaya offers the opinion that Paige, Chloe and Kendall cry the most.

-- Fun bit: Nadine and Lisa play a game about the show, and they tell Kelly and Christi to use it as a "drinking game." Maybe we should all take this advice.

Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Lifetime.

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