'Dance Moms' Chatter Part 2 Recap: Abby's Revenge
'Dance Moms' Chatter Part 2 Recap: Abby's Revenge
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
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Last week, Dance Moms Chatter gave us Christi, Kelly and Kaya giving their take on the show; this week, executive producer Jeff Collins is joined by Dance Moms cast members Abby Lee Miller and Melissa, and special guests Nadine Rajabi and Alec Mapa, to discuss their take on the program. The comediennes are ready for Abby this week and will say anything.

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Abby is told that the Internet is buzzing about Dance Moms and is asked by Collins why she got into choreography. She says -- among other things -- that she has a good ear for music and an instinctive knowledge of what works. Abby has always wanted fame for her kids and has given up important events like weddings, show openings and a life for her students. She has always wanted them to be in the limelight and now she is sharing in the success (and maybe shining a little too much in some instances).

Abby is shown mom attacks starting with the minister and followed by Christi and Kelly. Alec calls her unmovable in her behavior with the moms. Abby shares that the minister was banned from the studio and (I believe) was sued for the rest of the tuition.

Asked about whether she is dating, Abby tells Collins that there is someone who cares about her in Los Angeles. When the bus driver that Christie and Kelly talked about last week is brought up, she doesn't deny they have gone out to dinner. When shown a recap of the "date" Abby had during one episode this season, she tells us that the date was like going out with a stranger.

When Melissa joins the group, she is asked about the long history and friendship she has with Abby. She tells us they are always going to be friends (but of course because Abby makes Maddie shine). They discuss the walkout. Abby talks about how it hurt and compares Maddie to a race horse who always wins because she is always perfect (bad comparison in my opinion). We see a clip of the fight between Abby and Melissa during the aftermath of the walkout. Abby again emphasizes that Melissa had to be taught a lesson because she should place her kids first.

Some interesting insults are shared:

Cathy to Jill: "And how old are you, double chins?"
Cathy to Jill: "Everyone thinks you are a man in disguise."
Abby to/about Cathy: "She is dirt under my feet!"

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Other Items of Interest:

-- Nadine and Alec give Vivi full credit for Cathy's success by calling her the "mastermind" of the operation (studio).

-- Melissa tells us that she believes that Cathy has had (bad) plastic surgery.

-- We are given a scene from Dance Moms, the musical parody.

-- Melissa is asked about who has the biggest butt and she answers Holly, but Abby changes it to Kelly.

-- Jill has two teenage daughters and dresses like them.

-- Abby talks about the importance of knowing the correct terminology of dance because of auditions. Later, she adds that dance is important to life.

-- Clips from Abby's favorite dances are shared, but we are not given a complete performance (so sad).

-- Abby talks about how expensive the costumes and routines are for students to prepare. Music is received on Tuesday and they usually perform on Saturday.

Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Lifetime.

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