'Dance Moms': 5 Changes We Need to See in Season 4
'Dance Moms': 5 Changes We Need to See in Season 4
Linda Martindale
Linda Martindale
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Dance Moms treated us to a retrospect of season three on Tuesday, September 17, where Abby revealed changes for season 4. Not only is she changing things up, she's also tired of having given up her dreams and aspirations for others. I always thought that Abby has said that she realized early that she needed to lead a dance company and do choreography, no? In addition, the question arises where the present girls stand and how fans will accept a Dance Moms season 4 without the original cast. 

Here are five quick things that came to me after watching "Hurricane Abby" blow through the reunion of Dance Moms that need to be addressed before season 4 starts.

Remember What Made the Show Great

The show needs to refocus on what made it great during season 1. The first season had no real stars (although Melissa tried to make us see Maddie as the only dancer that mattered). The focus was more on dance and how the mothers supported the girls. Abby was there as a teacher and the competition between Cathy and Abby didn't start to surface until the end of the season. Holly Frazier, Nia's mom, has stated in early interviews that she thought the show was going to be a documentary and Collins Avenue Productions needs to move back to that angle. We couldn't agree more. 

Moms Should Be United, Not At War

Dance Moms needs to find a way to bring the moms together and not tear them apart. In season 1 and 2, the moms had differences but it never came to fist fights. With the addition of Jill, the feuds started. The moms need to remember that their daughters are the focus and they're trying to instill life lessons. While all are strong dancers, making it in the entertainment world is hard. The moms need to focus on teaching the girls life lessons (like Holly) and not focus on being stage moms trying to get their daughters ahead (Melissa, Jill, and Leslie).

The Show Is Called Dance Moms Not Abby Lee

Producers need to take the focus off of Abby. Abby, the show is called Dance Moms and not "Abby Lee." You have a separate show for talent scouting. You spent the entire year trashing Cathy about going out and bringing in ringers to win. If you don't have the talent on the team, then hunt through your studio for the talent. You brag about the number of dancers who work professionally so show us some examples.

Let The Girls Decide When To Leave

Don't change the team makeup unless a girl grows out of the age bracket or asks to leave the group. Abby puts pressure on the girls through the pyramid which causes the moms to fight. It is one thing to use a pyramid to demonstrate where they rank in performances but it is another to use it as punishment for bad behavior from the parents. Hold your "Master Classes" as a training tool for young dancers but don't make a new cast from that. Remember, fans love the girls we have watched for three seasons.

Adults -- Grow Up!

All the grownups need to stop acting childish and self-centered and focus on being role models for their children. Abby shouldn't walk out because she doesn't want to discuss or confront issues with Kelly or Christie. This shows Paige, Brooke, and Chloe that no matter what Abby says, there is going to be repercussions on them for verbal confrontations. Christie and Jill need to learn not to be ready for a fight when Cathy shows up. By getting confrontational, their daughters either draw into themselves or learn that fighting is appropriate when you don't like someone. Abby needs to learn that it is poor sportsmanship to leave a competition because she doesn't like something. By refusing to even show up, she's showing the girls that she has little respect for all their hard work and their effort to win. Melissa, realize that MacKenzie isn't Maddie so don't push as hard and please help Maddie realize that people perceive her facials as all really being alike.

With Abby's announced plans of holding open auditions in Orlando (with Maddie, MacKenzie,and Nia) and Charlotte (with Maddie and MacKenzie), the question arises just who will be returning? With these Master Classes (which will cost the participants a fee), Abby is supposedly picking the team to be in front of the cameras for season 4. Jill asked the question we all had of where did that leave this season's team only to have Abby throw it in her face that Kendall missed "booty camp." By not telling the girls and moms what to expect, she is hurting the girls that made her a success while becoming "Cathy." I sincerely hope the producers and Abby realize that the show's focus is the girls and moms interaction. If they change the cast too much, fans will leave. After all, most of us came to the show for the moms and daughters that started Dance Moms.

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