'Daisy of Love' Final 3: Will Flex Get an X?
We've reviewed the chances of two guys vying for Daisy de la Hoya's affections - the indecisive rocker London and the sugar-and-spice muscleman 12 Pack.  Now, let's check out the last of these guys.  Flex.

At 22 years old, Flex from Ingleside, Illinois works as a gym manager, and it shows.  Daisy thinks there's more to him than just his body and the humor she's come to admire.  Exactly what's behind that exterior is something we just have to find out.

On the first few episodes of Daisy of Love, we didn't exactly know what went on in Flex's mind.  For show-and-tell, he brought Daisy a bearded blow-up doll with a bloody neck and ambiguous lower extremities.  He showed it to the girl he was trying to woo and blatantly reported: "This is me."  Later on, he should've said "This is me in detention," because that's where it landed him.

Soon though, Flex showed Daisy what he's really made of.  He proved to her that he was as wild as ever, particularly in the couple's off-road adventure date.  Daisy interviews that Flex's crazy handling of the buggy's wheel is "definitely a turn-on."

As for his sense of humor, Flex has thrown out some pretty droll lines on the show.  There's the time he referred to Daisy's questionable homemade pancakes as a "walking heart attack," but maybe that's just funny because we found out that Daisy can't cook.  Or that she has the amazing ability to burn things. Whichever works.

The guy also has quite the temper, as he's known for flexing that middle finger of his like everything vexed him.  He even threw a glass of water at fellow contestant Fox (who probably deserved it, but still).

However, Daisy tends to calm Flex down and they do their best to connect.  She soon finds that Flex has "a sentimental side inside."  The mystery is uncovered and we finally know that the guy can be her personal marshmallow.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
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