'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Familiarity Breeds Contempt
'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Familiarity Breeds Contempt
Sweeeetieee! The problems with Sweetie continue to run rampant, as she throws some of Kim's clothes out without permission. But they're trying to clean out the house, which is currently "in shambles" and full of boxes of new stuff. Sweetie tells Kim that she hates her life, and while she's gone, Kim says she's going to fire her. It's an empty threat so far, but Kim did catch her smoking. Sweetie ran around the house to escape Kim, and it was funny.

Sweetie should probably be fired. "There's no boundaries anymore," Kim notes. Elsewhere, other funny things are happening. In order to get your mortician's certification, you have to embalm at least 10 bodies and Phaedra can't wait to get her hands on a real body! This time, she'll be "embalming" a dummy.

We are going to learn something today. This is what happens to you after you die if you are being embalmed. Oh lord, I wish I hadn't thought about that. After draining the veins, Phaedra put makeup on the dummy. Women do it best!

Oh my god, Peter is still planning this black-tie anniversary party. Cynthia doesn't trust Peter to plan the party right, and stay within the budget. To no one's surprise, Peter is over budget, and will need to borrow money to throw the party.

Sweetie is late for work again, giving Kim time to complain about her some more. Basically, Sweetie is not a good assistant, and has become too comfortable. She's loyal, and the family loves her, but she's also lazy and rude and told Brielle "go f*** yourself." SOOOOOOO ... it's time to have a talk with Sweetie. Kim and her wig stylist determine that it must be all the changes in the household causing Sweetie to act so strangely.

Cynthia's sister/Peter's nemesis, Malorie is in town to grill Cynthia about this party. Malorie keeps asking Cynthia questions like, "who is paying for the party?", which she dodges diplomatically. "Peter's right, Mal can't make it through a single conversation without badmouthing him," Cynthia says. But Peter is also kind of the worst? Anyway, Peter doesn't want Malorie in the limo, and Malorie wants to ride in the limo even though she doesn't like Peter.

In other news that actually matters, Gregg picked Bryson up from jail, which NeNe didn't want to do. They team up to confront Bryson, who doesn't know why he stole a couple razors, which got him in jail. Bryson gives them a non-answer, and Gregg demands a better life plan from him. He's light years away from the I Don't Know Yet Restuarant. But man, Gregg is doing some really great parenting right now.

The black tie party is getting set up, and whether or not Peter and Malorie would be in the same limo does not matter because the limo doesn't even show. Bleh, this party. Peter hangs up with the limo company, and he and Cynthia hop into their own car.

The party is underfoot, and everyone seems resentful to have been required to dress up for just a one year anniversary. "I don't feel emotional, is that normal?" Cynthia asks her friend. He tells her the wedding was so full of emotion that this is a breeze. But come on, it's a one year anniversary party--should one feel emotional?

Check out Marlo's date! She broke up with Charles and is dating some old white dude now. Malorie and Cynthia's mom show up for Cynthia's grand arrival. Or just in time to tell Cynthia they never thought she and Peter would make it a year. Um, wow, guys. Then they ask if Peter is bi-polar.

Sheree and Lawrence are driving to the party, and Sheree seizes the moment to talk about Marlo. She tells Lawrence about Marlo's worst moment, when she used the f-word slur. Can't we just go back to when Lawrence wondered why people can't just "go out to damn dinner" for their one year anniversary?

"Sometimes we stay in things too long," Cynthia tells Marlo unwittingly in regards to Charles, and her new old boyfriend. Then Kandi entered the scene looking almost as inappropriately casual as NeNe. At least she's not wearing a big princess gown like Marlo. Sheree calls to check in with Kim, who is not attending the soiree.

Sheree notes that the party is boring, since it's just a lot of people standing around. Then Lawrence steals Marlo away for a talk, and Sheree invites herself along. At least Lawrence is confronting her right away. Marlo says she would never say that word, but um ... she totally did. Weird.

Sheree and Lawrence ask Kandi about the incident, and she confirms what they already knew to be true. Peter asks everyone to come outside, and won't mention Malorie's name. "Could everybody but Malorie come outside?" Peter asks, then raises a glass "to all our friends and family ... and Malorie."

"I'm done," Malorie cries, storming back inside. Cynthia's friend Kai tells Malorie to let Cynthia make her own mistakes and, "let her be miserable if that's what she wants to be." Cynthia hears that, but is more concerned about Malorie. Cynthia tells her sister to stop being so disrespectful, and Malorie tells her to stop sticking up for Peter. Yikes! Malorie leaves, upset.

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