CSI: Preview for Tonight's Episode
CSI: Preview for Tonight's Episode
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Last week, Sara (Jorja Fox) realized that she had some ghosts to burry after reconnecting with an old case that made her doubt her career as a forensic scientist, which eventually drove her away from Las Vegas and her one true love, Grissom (William Petersen).  Now that she's gone, the rest of the team has to deal with her sudden departure while they carry on exploring circumstances behind mysterious deaths and unusual crimes committed.  The pursuit continues in the CSI episode “You Kill Me.”

Read on for a preview of tonight's episode.

In the eighth episode of season 8, David Hodges (Wallace Langham), who was transferred to the Las Vegas from the Los Angeles crime lab and who often provides comic relief on the show, crafts hypothetical murders in the lab in order to give his colleagues a chance to play CSI.  On the other hand, he has ulterior motives behind his actions that are unbeknownst to his fellow lab techs.

As for Grissom, he deals with the absence of Sara, who just left him a letter to express her sentiments and explain her parting, while the rest of the team members try to reach out to him.

Unlike other CSI episodes, “You Kill Me” is quite unusual because it features guest stars that have already graced the show previously.  Reprising their roles are David Berman (Vanished) as David Phillips, Archie Kao (Power Ranges Lost Galaxy) as Archie Johnson, Liz Vassey (Tru Calling, The Tick) as Wendy Simms, Gerald McCullough (Beverly Hills 90210, Locked) as Bobby Dawson, Sheeri Rappaport (NYPD Blue) as Mandy Webster, and Jon Wellner (NCIS, Judging Amy) as Henry Andrews.

“You Kille Me” is directed by Paris Barklay, who has directed last season's “Meet Market,” and is written by Sarah Goldfinger and Naren Shankar.

CSI airs tonight at 9pm ET/PT on CBS.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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