'CSI: NY' First Look: Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Minnillo Get Their Hands Dirty
Surely you've already heard about Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Minnillo playing would-be criminal masterminds on CSI: NY, right? Well, that episode airs December 16--so that's really soon now--and we've gotten our hands on some photographic proof that they are appearing on the show. Well, surely Kim would not lie on her Twitter page.

That episode, entitled "Second Chances", sees the team investigate an extremely violent murder of a young man. And a clearly premeditated one, too. So that makes the idea of these two celebrity hotties playing possible murderers a little weird, right?
Also popping up on that episode is Vanessa's MTV bestie LaLa Vasquez, and Train vocalist Pat Monahan, who plays Kim's homeless boyfriend. But surely you already know that. To the photos, then. Better get used, kids:

This looks like a Hollywood premiere, don't yoy think?

Okay, Flack, I know you're still mourning, but please, choose someone else!

A song for Stella: "When I look to the sky, I see a human eyeball dropping on my coffee..."

(Images courtesy of CBS)