Exclusive Interview: Brenda and Heather from 'Crowned'
Exclusive Interview: Brenda and Heather from 'Crowned'
Formerly known as the Blonde Bombshells, these two Goal Driven Gals hail from Parkersburg, West Virginia.  They wanted to enter the Crowned competition to prove that there is a lot more substance to them than just their looks.  Throughout their stay, mom Brenda and daughter Heather were able to use their sunny dispositions and self-deprecating senses of humor to defuse an otherwise tense competition house.

Brenda and Heather spoke to BuddyTV today about their experience on Crowned and what the feud inside the house was really like.  Below, you will find an mp3 file and a complete transcript of the interview.

Hey everybody. This is Debbie at BuddyTV, and today I'm talking to Brenda and Heather, the Goal Driven Gals, from Crowned. So, what was it that made you want to be on Crowned in the first place?

Heather: I thought that we should do Crowned to bring us closer together. I went away to college, I've been in school for about six years now, and throughout that timeframe, I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with my mother, and I just thought it would be a great opportunity and a chance to have fun. And, of course, maybe win the 100,000 dollars. [laughter]

That'd be fun too. How did the experience compare to what you expected it to be.

Brenda: That's a tough one. We expected a lot of work and we expected a lot of fun, and we hoped to make a lot of friends, which we did. The things that they made us do, we had no idea, you know, the different clinics and challenges. We did not know what expect in that way. Yeah, I probably expected to get more sleep than I did. But, it was great.

Do you think that being on Crowned has made you more or less likely to compete in another pageant in the future?

Heather: I guess Crowned... I guess it's indifferent. It hasn't made me more inclined to want to do more pageants, or less, as far as that goes. It hasn't turned me negative or against. I still like pageants, and I still think that they are a good idea for girls to get involved in, you know, for self-confidence and a lot of things. I mean, I would still do pageants.

And Heather, you had some pageant experience in the past, right? How did the show compare to the real thing?

Heather: I guess as far as what the viewers are seeing, it's very similar, as far as what's going on behind the scenes and the girls fighting and people not getting along and everything. That's how it is in a beauty pageant. You only get judged for what you are presenting on stage. And that's how the show is. So, the judges didn't get to see everything that was going on in the house, and that's how a typical beauty pageant is also.

Okay, and you mentioned, you know, the trouble getting along in the house. So, there were two big cliques as far as the viewers could tell, and where did you both fit in?

Brenda: Well, we were bunked in what was considered to be the negative clique, or the bad clique, but that just was logistics. We were in that room, but we were never negative or overly dramatic or mean or anything like that. We were neutral throughout the whole thing, and really got along with everybody in all the rooms.

Heather: So, I guess if you could have put us to live somewhere inside the house, it would have been in the hallway, between the two rooms.

Brenda: Exactly. I agree.

And, watching the show now, do you think that the big feud is being portrayed accurately? Is that how it really was?

Brenda: Unfortunately, that's fairly accurate a portrayal. But I will say, in everyone's defense, everybody was under an extreme amount of stress, and it really, probably, made people so much on edge that it affected their personality. I don't think that anyone on the show that, if they were having a bad day, and they showed that, that it's really the way they are all the time in life. I think that everybody in the house are relatively good people. I mean, you could tell, they were good people. It's just a stressful situation.

Heather: So, it's just something that you have to watch and be open-minded and realize that you're only seeing, just like any other show, parts of the whole. And you have to take it with a grain of salt. It's kind of surprising, though, watching it compared to actually living through it because there's some things you don't realize that's going on in the house because, I mean, it's a big house, that happened. So we're seeing things that we never knew happened happen.

Do you have an example?

Brenda: I can say that when I saw all the other teams in the other room talk about us in our room, how they thought we were all terrible people and that they had to band together and all that, and I thought that it was just a little extreme to me. I didn't realize it was that bad, and I didn't realize we were lumped in that room a little bit. Even though we slept there, we got along with everyone.

Heather: Yeah. And they all got along with us. We liked them, and they liked us too. So we, at the time, by living in house, you did not realize that the battle lines have been drawn.

Brenda: To the extent that they had.

Heather: Yeah.

Brenda: We knew there was fighting and everything, but we didn't realize that it was distinct. To us, it wasn't that distinct because we did get along with everyone. And we never fought with anyone in the whole house. We never had any big issues with anyone, we never had any drama or dramatic moments with anyone, and you'll see that on the show. You'll see that we were not involved in all that hoopla a lot of the times it went on.

I did notice that. Let's talk about something nice now. What was your favorite part about being on the show?

Brenda: The favorite part and the worst part was spending 24/7 with Heather. [laughter]. The best and the worst.

And Heather, what was your favorite part?

Heather: The same. I mean, that's why I wanted to do the show, was to spend time with her. It was definitely my favorite part. And watching the show, actually, I guess my favorite episode thus far is the talent portion. I think that was really good. And I really enjoyed everything. It was just all so different and new, and you just learn and grow from it all.

Yeah, I really liked your talent. You did the standup routine—I thought that was really funny.

Brenda: Oh, we thought we were funny.

How long did it take for you to come up with that? Like, how long did they give you to prepare your challenges?

Brenda: We never had enough time to prepare. Never. I don't recall in that particular day how long they gave us. I want to say it was like two hours, Heather? Three hours?

Heather: I'm not really sure how long we had for that one because each challenge, we had different amounts of time for each, so I can't recall exactly how long. But it didn't take us that long for the talent part. We love telling jokes, so that came easy to us. That's why we did that. Because it was supposed to be about a mother-daughter talent, and that's something that we both can do.

And finally, what's next for both you?

Heather: Hopefully, graduating law school.

Oh, good luck!

Brenda: Yeah, me helping her graduate through law school.

-Interview conducted by Debbie Chang
(Image courtesy of The CW)