'Criminal Minds' Poll: When Did the Rossi/Strauss Relationship Begin?
'Criminal Minds' Poll: When Did the Rossi/Strauss Relationship Begin?
Even with the season over, there's plenty of Criminal Minds to ponder and discuss. For instance, the season 7 finale revealed that Rossi (Joe Mantegna) and Strauss (Jayne Atkinson) have an off-the-clock relationship -- which begs the question...

My answer is D -- From the beginning, I suspected there might be something more going on between Rossi and Strauss. In all of their interactions, it always seemed like there was something unresolved between them. Perhaps it was the chemistry between the actors or maybe the writers intended for fans to presume certain things based on their dynamic -- either way, I believe Rossi and Strauss have had an ongoing affair for years. I think it started before Strauss was promoted, when the agents were of equal rank in the bureau, and I think it is something that resurfaces every once in a while. In their first meeting after Rossi came out of retirement, Strauss clearly suspected him of having ulterior motives for returning to the BAU, possibly suggesting she knew him well enough to know that there was more to his story. Their continuing interactions always had a certain antagonistic feel that reminded me of the dynamic between exes, so I was pleased when the show revealed their relationship in the finale. It remains to be seen whether there will be any exploration of their relationship in season 8.

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Megan Cole
Contributing Writer

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