'Criminal Minds' Poll: Choose Your Favorite Relationship Featuring Spencer Reid
'Criminal Minds' Poll: Choose Your Favorite Relationship Featuring Spencer Reid
I have a question for the Criminal Minds fans: What is your favorite Reid relationship? (i.e. which bond featuring Reid do you enjoy the most?)

A. JJ and Reid
B. Gideon and Reid
C. Prentiss and Reid
D. Morgan and Reid
E. Reid and Diana (his mother)
F. Other

My answer is A - I think Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) has a fascinating dynamic with every member of the team -- past and present -- and I adore his relationship with his mother, but I had to go with Reid and JJ (A.J. Cook) on this one. Their relationship is probably the first one that really stood out to me back in season one. I loved Reid's unrequited crush on JJ in those early episodes and how that eventually developed into this incredibly close, loving friendship. I liked the reveal that JJ is the only person who has ever called Reid "Spence" and that she trusts Reid enough to make him Henry's godfather. I also enjoyed the tension that grew between these two after Reid learned that JJ was involved with faking Emily's (Paget Brewster) death, allowing him to mourn his friend for months when she knew the truth the whole time. Reid eventually seemed to accept that JJ had no choice in the matter and their friendship appears to be back on track, but that broken trust was not easily forgotten and I think it added another interesting level to their relationship.

Leave your vote in the comments section and tell us why the Reid relationship you have chosen is your favorite!

Megan Cole
Contributing Writer

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