'Criminal Minds' Finale Update: Paget Brewster's Emotional Exit; Producers in 'No Hurry' to Replace Her
'Criminal Minds' Finale Update: Paget Brewster's Emotional Exit; Producers in 'No Hurry' to Replace Her
Jenn Lee
Jenn Lee
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It's time to face the music, Prentiss fans: the Criminal Minds finale (May 16) is fast approaching and our time with Prentiss is dwindling. There are only two episodes before the special two-hour finale, which the cast and crew are wrapping up this week and have described as emotional, as they face the departure of Paget Brewster.

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While we knew Emily Prentiss' exit in the finale would be a relatively positive one (as opposed to her last exit, in which her character faked her death), recent details revealed by Executive Producer Erica Messer depict an almost casual good-bye. According to EW, Messer said, "What Paget and I both talked about was that we would love for her to exit the show in a way that felt it was believable. She can still have breakfast with them when she's in town, you know?" She went on to say there will be no hard feelings left behind, it's simply someone moving on - "what happens in real life."

Co-star Joe Mantegna told Zap2it that because the choice was Brewster's, "There will always exist a window for her to reappear in some capacity. " If Prentiss does return in the future, "she can be recurring and still contribute something, and still give the fans that thing of, 'Oh! Prentiss is back,'" Mantegna said, mentioning the character's "international capabilities and skills" as a possible plot point for that window.

Of course, the biggest question regarding Brewster's leaving is the matter of a possible replacement. Messer vaguely said "that's going to be a conversation with so many people at some point," but also mentioned "there's no replacing her as far as I'm concerned." Inevitably, she said the producers and writers will want "another female face at the table," but for now, "I'm not in any hurry to replace her." Mantegna similarly said, "As far as I know, there's no specific plan for that," describing the show as "a true ensemble show."

We still don't know who the wedding will feature in the finale (our vote is for J.J. and Will), though we know the first part will focus on a hostage situation involving the BAU at a federal bank with guest star Tricia Helfer (from Battlestar Galactica, via TVLine), who will play "definitely a bad character."

Are you pleased the producers won't be replacing Prentiss any time soon? Are you looking forward to her character possibly returning in a smaller capacity, or would you prefer a clean good-bye?
The two-hour finale airs on May 16 at 9pm on CBS.

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