The Debrief on Hill Harper's New 'Covert Affairs' Role
The Debrief on Hill Harper's New 'Covert Affairs' Role
Carla Day
Carla Day
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The Covert Affairs season 4 premiere introduces a new character, CIA Station Chief Calder Michaels, played by the CSI: New York alum, Hill Harper. When Annie and Auggie go on a rogue mission to Colombia, they have several run-ins with Calder.

Last month, I went to Toronto to visit the set where Covert Affairs films (when they aren't out travelling the world) to speak to the cast about the upcoming season 4. They had plenty to say about their new cast member, Hill Harper, and his character on the show.

Much of what was said isn't ready to be declassified from the super spoiler category at this point. Make sure to check back after the premiere for more secrets about Calder and how he fits into the Covert Affairs CIA world.

Piper Perabo had only wonderful things to say about Harper joining the show. "He's very intelligent and well-read and articulate and that combined with his like macho swagger, I think is so intimidating and I think it really works for Caulder who's this ambitious, tough, gunslinger who's coming to kind of take over."

Calder is the youngest Station Chief that the CIA has assigned to South America in over 20 years. And, that didn't happen by accident. Hill explained, "He's ambitious." Hill suggested that how he got that assignment at such an early age is of interest.

"And, ... I think this is the real dichotomy, is that people who are successful and usually ahead, one or two things and maybe both exist.  One, you know, definitely ambition and they're talented.  Or, and/or, they're also ruthless and potentially have an agenda. So which is it for him?"

Hill was mum on the answer to that question and instead provided more questions to be answered. "Is he someone who's just really damn good, very committed, and wants to do the right thing and is really great at that?"

Hill continued, "Or is somebody that's maybe benefited from a few shortcuts because he's willing to do things that other people aren't willing to do? And maybe he has an agenda. I don't know. Well, that,  only the future will tell."

Hmm ... Calder Michaels definitely seems to be a man with a few secrets of his own. And, that wouldn't be anything new since everyone at the CIA seems to be keeping many, many secrets. And, quite a few of those will be revealed in the season premiere.

Check out a preview of the season premiere, "Vamos," and get your first glimpse of Calder.

Covert Affairs season 4 premieres on Tuesday, July 16 at 9 pm ET on USA.

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