Tune in Thursday to See 'Community,' 'The Office' Do Valentine's Day the Right Way
Tune in Thursday to See 'Community,' 'The Office' Do Valentine's Day the Right Way
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Ahh, Valentine's Day. Whether it makes you want to kiss Cupid for stabbing you or stab Cupid for making no one want to kiss you, there are two solid reasons to be glad the holiday exists, and they both air tomorrow night: Community's "Early 21st Century Romanticism" and The Office's "PDA."

Check out preview clips and some teaser bits for both hilarious holiday-themed episodes below:

So, Britta made a new lesbian friend--but there's more (or less?) than meets the eye when it comes to this relationship, which will come to a head at Greendale's Valentine's dance. And, speaking of the dance, Abed and Troy fans will fall in love anew with the world's best best friends as they compete for the affections of a hot librarian.

Meanwhile, Jeff inadvertently ends up throwing a party at his place with Professors Duncan and Chang, and discovers something about himself and the study group that's been a long time coming. There may not be your typical type of romance in the air, but have a friend close by and your arms free and ready, because the heart-warming and -breaking at the end of tomorrow's Community will have you jonesing for the world's biggest hug.

Over at The Office, Michael and Holly have been dating for a week, and they can't keep their hands--or any of their other parts--off of each other. And Gabe manages to orchestrate both the most and least romantic Valentine's Day hunt for his ladylove Erin:

If you think that PDA is bad, you'll be laugh-cringing like crazy at the rest of Michael and Holly's kinky antics, which is a lovely, nostalgic feeling for us Office fans. (The laugh-cringing. Not the kinky antics.) As for the rest of the couples and singles at Dunder-Mifflin: You'll see a side of Jim and Pam you've never seen before (at least not since Pam was at the Dundies...), Andy-Erin 'shippers will be in agony/heaven throughout, and Kevin is at the top of his game. If Kevin's game were making awesome monkey faces.

Rounding out the 8-10pm hours are Parks and Recreation's look at love of a different, more dangerous sort in "Ron and Tammy: Part Two" (watch an awesome clip and trailer here) and 30 Rock's romantic getaways gone awry in "Double-Edged Sword." Check out these photos from 30 Rock: Matt Damon returns as Liz's boyfriend Carol, and Elizabeth Banks returns as Avery--and she's having Jack's baby!

NUP_142321_0032.jpgNUP_142321_0354.jpgTune in to NBC tomorrow night at 8pm for all four hilarious spins on the Valentine's Day theme. You don't need to love Valentine's Day to love them.

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