'Community' Videos: Footage from the San Diego Comic-Con
'Community' Videos: Footage from the San Diego Comic-Con
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
No, it's not a sci-fi, adventure or comic-based show, but that doesn't mean that Community couldn't be a hit at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. On the contrary, Community turned out to be one of the more popular panels of the event -- a line of thousands waited to get in.

Did you (like me) fail to make it inside? Did you just miss the Con altogether? No worries -- NBC has posted the entire panel online. Click "Play" below to enjoy the festivities!

Some highlights from the Community panel itself include:

  • Did anyone use the #anniesboobs hashtag to ask questions?
  • The actual Annie's Boobs (the monkey) makes an appearance (with the season 2 DVDs)! (starting at 6:02)
  • What happened with Pierce at the end of the season? (starting about 8:15)
  • Pierce and Britta having sex? (about 11:05)
  • Michael Kenneth Williams (Omar on The Wire) as the new Community biology professor! Plus, Dan Harmon's evil plan to get more viewers by making it weirder. (about 17:25)
  • Dan Harmon: "Let's add a little element of The Wire to Community."
  • Ah, the Emmys... (starting about 20:20)
  • A new Halloween episode? In the past? Probably not. Also, more paintball! (starting about 22:00)
  • Gillian Jacobs failing to sing with any talent whatsoever.  (starting about 25:30)
  • Danny Pudi almost displays an inappropriate amount of skin. (starting about 32:10)
  • Troy and Abed handshakes. (starting about 39:18)
  • Donald Glover freestyles a Childish Gambino sample from his upcoming album. (starting about 41:45)
  • The Community cast's Comic-Con dream costumes. (about 44:00)
Is that enough Community for you? Probably not. Fortunately, there's more Community from Comic-Con.

The Community cast parties:

  • Too many people, not enough microphone.
  • Watch for the dangers of shrimp skewers at parties.
  • Hey, the Dean is going to be a series regular!
Troy and Abed in the... Evening?


  • Is all of Community happening in Abed's head? Is it Purgatory? Whoa...
  • The series finale of Community as an alternate series finale of Lost? Please make it happen, Dan Harmon!
(Image and videos courtesy of NBC)