'Community': 'Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts' Teaser
'Community': 'Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts' Teaser
At the PaleyFest Community Viewing Party in New York last Saturday, fans of the comedy gathered to participate in a "Greendale Pep Rally" (complete with costume and poster contests) and watch the upcoming episode "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts." Event-goers were also able to watch the PaleyFest panel livestreamed from L.A., which was also available for viewing online. Keep reading for some teasers (warning: mild spoilers ahead) and general thoughts on the episode, which airs on March 15 at 8pm on NBC.

Shirley's Wedding Brings the Group Together
Proving why we sorely missed Community during its hiatus, "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts" is an example of why this great sitcom is one worth saving. While Community episodes generally swing between the big meta episodes and the smaller, more grounded ones, this episode was a prime example of the latter, focusing on how Shirley's upcoming nuptials affect each member of our favorite dysfunctional study group.

Without giving too much away, the episode highlights several relationships in the group. For fans who have taken sides about who Jeff should end up with, there are plenty of moments to go around (both Jeff/Annie and Jeff/Britta fans should be happy). Plus, we literally see into Jeff's heart. (Spoiler alert: his true love might be alcohol.) According to the wild cheering at the Paley event, however, it seems like the preferred Jeff pairing is with his favorite karaoke buddy Dean Pelton.

It's nice to have an episode focused on Shirley, played by the lovely Yvette Nicole Brown, who can sometimes fall through the cracks in such a wacky ensemble. What's also great is that all the characters are showcased -- while Shirley is the focus and her wedding the reason everyone has gotten together, the episode really works for all the characters.

New Sides to Familiar Faces

When the others face the wedding of one of their own, secrets are revealed and strangeness ensues. Look for Britta to discover a new talent that hilariously throws her into a tailspin. We find out the meaning behind Shirley's high-pitched Miss Piggy voice, which got a giant laugh at the screening. Jeff gives a speech that doesn't go so well and Troy and Abed try to act normal with disturbing results. Plus, Chevy Chase gets to do some classic physical comedy in the end tag.

At the panel, Dan Harmon talked about this season as the darkest and the upcoming episode clearly has some dark moments. But what shines through most of all is the love shared among this wacky, broken group of people that rely on each other. At the end of the day Community really is about human beings, with all their weird flaws and foibles, and that's why we love them.

One last teaser: we get another glimpse of our favorite furry vent-dweller.

Be sure you catch the return of Community on March 15!

Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer

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