Spies in the Jungle: Visiting the Set of 'Chuck'
Spies in the Jungle: Visiting the Set of 'Chuck'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit the set of Chuck on the Warner Bros. studio lot. It was, needless to say, a very interesting experience. Since security is a little too tight for all Chuck fans to sneak in, I thought I'd share some of what I saw. A secondhand visit is better than no visit at all, right?

You'd better hope so, since that's what you're about to get!

WARNING: Although this is not technically a spoiler article, there may be some minor spoilers included. Proceed with caution, all those who choose to be spoiler-free.

It's a Jungle Out There
While Chuck fans might expect most scenes to be filmed in the Buy More, Castle or apartment sets, production had moved to the "Jungle" set for the day of my visit. This is an area of the Warner Bros. lot filled with lush trees, plenty of undergrowth, a few nondescript buildings and even a lake.

The avid TV watcher will actually be pretty familiar with the Jungle. It's been seen before on Chuck -- in the season 4 episode where Sarah raids the Thai jungle as the Giant Blonde She-Male ("Chuck vs. Phase Three"), many scenes were filmed on this set. Another popular show, True Blood, does a lot of its filming in the Jungle as well. In fact, the entrance to the wooded area takes you right past the building known as Merlotte's on True Blood.

And the lake mentioned above? It doesn't look like much in person (kind of small and stagnant), but that's the water Sarah emerged from in "Chuck vs. Phase Three" and the lake in which True Blood's Eric enjoyed the sunshine this past season.

For this episode of Chuck, the Jungle stands in for an idyllic cult compound infiltrated by the spies of Carmichael Industries.

Zachary Levi, Director
Because I got a little lost upon my arrival at Warner Bros., I ended up waiting for my publicity contacts right behind the Chuck crew. Thus, the very first thing I saw was one Zachary Levi. But he wasn't acting: Levi will also serve as the show's director for "Chuck vs. the Hack-Off" and was in full director mode at the time of my arrival.

Watching an actor direct is an interesting experience. Since Chuck is necessarily in most scenes of Chuck, Levi was on the set and acting for almost every scene filmed. This meant that calls of "Action!" came from Levi only seconds before he started to speak his lines.

Despite the dual roles, there is no question that Levi was in control of the day. This is a pretty impressive feat for someone who was costumed in nothing but an awfully short robe.

In Case You Wondered...
They're all nice. Super, incredibly nice.

While on the set, we had the chance to chat with Zachary Levi (who stopped by to chat, despite his double-job), Yvonne Strahovski (who gave an interview -- check back to read it), several members of the production crew and two of the guest stars.

And every last one of them seemed like a pretty darn cool person.

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"Chuck vs. the Hack-Off" will be episode 5 of the upcoming fifth season of Chuck. If you can't wait until it airs later this year, check back soon for a whole lot of spoilers direct from the set of Chuck!

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