'Chuck's Zachary Levi Gets Sentimental About Finale
'Chuck's Zachary Levi Gets Sentimental About Finale
Christi Kassity
Christi Kassity
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
While Chuck isn't Zachary Levi's first rodeo, it has definitely been responsible for putting him on the map (deservingly so). This chapter, spanning five years, will meet its official end in just a few short days. For Zac though, it's pretty much all wrapped up. The final tally on the scorecard shows 5 seasons, 91 episodes acted, 3 episodes directed, and the love and adoration of countless fans all over the world.
I was lucky enough to join a small group of media folk on set of Chuck while they filmed the finale episode of the series. Zac spoke to us and shared a little bit more than he was supposed to -- which had us all sitting on some pretty juicy spoilers for a few weeks.

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There were no tears on set that day, but Zac took a moment to share his feelings about approaching the final day on set: "When art is imitating life simultaneously in that moment and I'm looking at my friends of five years--my family of five years--and in a scene I'm having to look at them and say goodbye  and yet I really am having to say goodbye. That was... yeah."

Worry not, Chucksters. I wouldn't take that as a final goodbye, as Zac quickly added, "Obviously Chuck and Morgan are going to be best friends for the rest of their lives, Chuck and Ellie are still brother and sister and therefore Awesome is still my brother-in-law... We would all still continue to see each other in some way shape or form, but the world that's been created, the world we live and worked in has drastically changed and is drastically different. But we do say goodbyes, at least for the time being."

Yeah, we are all so going to cry.
When talking about his cast mates, Zac's voice changes a little. He slows down and speaks little softer in a voice so you just know he means every single word he says, and those words are thoughtful and intentional. He shared with us a moment with his on-screen sister: "Sarah Lancaster and I were filming the last scene that we will ever shoot in the Awesome's apartment and we couldn't even get through rehearsal. We started saying our lines and just started crying. It was really nutty. Sarah's been my sister for five years and I wouldn't, couldn't possibly have cast anybody else in that role."

Zac describes his relationship with Sarah Lancaster as one that parallels the relationship Chuck has with Ellie. "We have been very brother and sister and supportive. Watching her live life and find the man of her dreams and get married and have a baby -- on screen and off -- it's incredible."

When discussing the finale and how the fans are going to react, Zac didn't even try to pretend there would be no tears: "I can't imagine if [the emotion] is hitting us that hard, I can only assume and hope the fans as they are watching the finale are going to feel the same way." 

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He fully admitted that he has already cried and will cry again when watching on Friday. "It's good, it's cathartic, it's therapeutic. It's not necessarily tears of joy but it's tears of love, and I hope the fans all feel that. One of the things I've always heard is that part of the reason why we have been able maintain what we have is that people can feel the fun that we have, like, transcend the television screen. If there is any truth to that then I can only assume they are going to feel the love and the emotion that we felt doing all of this together."

I have said it before and I will say it again. I have been on many sets and I have never felt more love than I have on the Chuck set, and I anticipate fans will have no problems feeling the love during the finale which airs this Friday, January 27 at 8pm on NBC.

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