'Chuck' vs. the Ambiguity: Did We Get a Happy Ending?
'Chuck' vs. the Ambiguity: Did We Get a Happy Ending?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

Chuck ended on Friday. But did it end well? Did fans get the closure they need to really say goodbye to a show as beloved as Chuck?

Thanks to a somewhat ambiguous ending, there is some debate over that. While I know that nothing I say will ever settle such arguments, I can at least try to make sense of the Chuck series finale.

Did the Kiss Work? Does It Matter?
Based on what I've seen on the Internet, a lot of fans were unhappy about the way the Chuck finale ended. That kiss, by itself, just wasn't enough for some people. The problem for most was a question left unanswered by the end of Chuck: Did one magical kiss bring back all of Sarah's lost memories?

We got no definitive answer on this. But that doesn't bother me.

Why? Basically, the answer I needed came from the kiss itself. We didn't see just a casual peck on the cheek, after all. Chuck and Sarah took to that kiss like the star-crossed lovers they were, and the emotions denied by Sarah for two episodes were definitely back.

At worst -- if Sarah never remembered anything more about the past five years and her relationship with Chuck -- the ending gave us hope that these two crazy kids were going to go for it. Chuck and Sarah were going to fall in love all over again. There's nothing wrong with that.

On the other hand, maybe their time on the beach resulted in the best of all possible scenarios. Morgan's crazy magical-kiss idea might just have worked, bringing Sarah back all of her past. And why not? Chuck talked Morgan down (in "Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips") by sharing a story of adolescent humiliation. Surely a kiss would do as much.

The creators of Chuck have expressed how satisfied they are at this ambiguous conclusion -- and they confirmed that the ending was indeed a happy one. "We'd like a happy ending," Chuck co-creator and executive producer Chris Fedak confirmed to TVGuide.com when speaking of Chuck and Sarah. "Those two people are definitely in love."

Love is enough, right?

What About the Intersect?
But forget about love. What about the spy stuff?

Mere minutesbefore Chuck left us forever, our nerdy hero downloaded the final version of the Intersect and saved the day. And then... We never heard another word about the super brain-computer again. That was kind of odd, to say the least.

Fortunately, interviews with Chris Fedak have clarified that the Intersect is still alive and kicking. "Yes, he does have the Intersect back," Fedak told HitFix.com. "But he's still retiring."

I'll leave aside for a moment the issue of whether Chuck could live as a private citizen and realistically ignore the fact that he has access to all of the government's secrets. The more important question, for those wanting a "happily ever after" scenario, is whether or not Chuck's Intersect will cause trouble.

Probably not. After all, Chuck has been the only successful human Intersect in a line of often-spectacular failures. Plus, if you watch carefully in the scene where Chuck puts on the Intersect glasses, you can see that Quinn had already installed the Key. We can thus presume that the Intersect's brain-melting issues have been fixed.

So everything is cool with the Intersect. Still, it would have been nice for the Chuck finale to give us a little more closure on one of the show's more important plots. Oh well.

Was It a Happy Ending?
In a word, yes.

Whether Sarah remembered everything or not, this ending was happy. Two people who were meant to be together sat on a beach, sharing a loving kiss. They may have to start over and there may or may not be some spying in their future, but Chuck and Sarah -- along with the audience -- got a fitting end to their story.

There's nothing ambiguous about that.

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