'Chuck' Videos: Spying Takes the Romance Out of Date Night
'Chuck' Videos: Spying Takes the Romance Out of Date Night
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
In this week's episode of Chuck, "Chuck vs. the Curse," it seems like everyone is trying -- and failing -- to find romance. I guess the natural instinct is to take comfort in love when the CIA is after you for treason, theft and murder. Even so, it's not easy.

Check out these videos to see just how troublesome date night is for three different Chuck couples.

The first video takes us on a date night with Ellie and Devon:

Looks like fun. Which means, of course, that bad things are going to happen shortly. Also, Ellie seems to be warming to the entire idea of spies. At least when she's planning some role-playing with her husband. I can't imagine that she would be quite so excited by the reality of it all. Espionage has never worked out well for Ellie.

In the second video, Chuck expresses his concern about the Bartowski "curse":

  • Considering his family's past, is the idea of a curse really so far-fetched?
  • Is that the same cabin that Stephen Bartowski inhabited? That seems less-than-clandestine.
  • Not only does Chuck have Sarah while on the run, he appears to have an impressive computer system as well.
  • It seems like the CIA is falling down on the job, not knowing who is actually in charge of a mission. Granted, this is the same agency that Chuck and Sarah just hacked into, so maybe they're not totally on the ball.

The third and final video takes us to a somewhat interrupted date night with Morgan and Alex:

  • Are Morgan and Alex back together then? Or is that intimacy a ruse to fool the CIA agents.
  • Rebecca Romijn is very tall. Some of that may be the several-inch high heels.
  • Did they actually kick Morgan off the team, or is he feeling sorry for himself (and covering for the fact that he isn't on the run too)?
  • Considering the history of the relationship, could there be any lingering awkwardness over anything between Casey and Morgan, when it comes to Alex? Violence, sure. But not so much awkwardness.

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"Chuck vs. the Curse" airs on Friday, December 16 at 8pm.

(Image and videos courtesy of NBC)