'Chuck' Videos: Looks Like We've Got a New Intersect in Town
'Chuck' Videos: Looks Like We've Got a New Intersect in Town
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
After a week off, Chuck will return tonight with a new episode, "Chuck vs. the A-Team." And, like always, it looks like Chuck's life might be about to get complicated.

The "A-Team" in question refers to the new team secretly headed by Casey behind the creepy, mysterious door. The other members of the team are somewhat familiar as well: two of this season's "Gretas" are back. Isaiah Mustafa and Stacy Keibler, playing mysterious and impressive spies who briefly worked at the Buy More earlier in the season, return with the new names of Captain Rick and Captain Victoria.

They're not just back, however. They're back as rivals for Chuck himself. Why? It seems like there may be some new Intersects in town.

While the promo definitely indicates that this is a challenge to the continued existence of Chuck as a spy, history tells us that Captains Rick and Vic might be in for some trouble. It hasn't ended well for non-Chuck Intersects, after all. I'm guessing imminent Intersect failure or catastrophic brain meltdown as likely ends.

Or maybe they'll pull it off. Chuck is due for a plot-altering game-changer.

A second video doesn't have so much to do with the actual episode, but that's OK. For some reason, Joshua Gomez (Morgan) and Isaiah Mustafa (Greta/Captain Rick) felt the need to share their mutual appreciation with audiences.

The setup involves questions "from Twitter" about the overall excellence that is Isaiah Mustafa and about the magnificence of Gomez's beard. The result receives the title, "Man Crush Mondays." Of course.

We never do find out how flammable Joshua Gomez's beard is. Nor do we know whether the excellence of Isaiah Mustafa managed to save schoolchildren from a frozen lake. But when the questions are that awesome, who cares?

I just hope that Morgan and Greta/Captain Rick get to interact in the show as well.

Does Chuck have competition? Are the Gretas going to last as Intersects, or is there some epic burnout in the near future? Will Casey stay gone from the team? Write your theories and opinions in the comments section below!

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