'Chuck' Videos: 'Chuck' Series Finale Spoilers Galore!
'Chuck' Videos: 'Chuck' Series Finale Spoilers Galore!
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
If you can't wait until Friday to get a glimpse of the Chuck series finale, then you're in luck. We've got three video clips -- containing some big Chuck spoilers -- ready right now! Keep reading to get your first look at the final Chuck episodes, "Chuck vs. Sarah" and "Chuck vs. the Goodbye."

WARNING: These videos give away some major plot points. By watching them, you will be spoiled. Sometimes that's OK. Sometimes it's not. Only you can decide.

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In the first video from "Chuck vs. Sarah," Morgan and Casey spend some time considering both their pasts and their futures:

  • If this were the only video you saw from "Chuck vs. Sarah," you would still be spoiled by Morgan's first lines. Quinn dead? Sarah back? What's going on?
  • No one can make "No more gunplay" sound as sentimentally nostalgic as John Casey.
  • Casey shows admirable restraint in not commenting on Morgan's "progress" over the past five years.
  • All snipers need "World's Greatest Dad" aprons.

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No matter what Morgan thinks, all is definitely not well with Sarah. The second video clip shows that:

  • Got to love the return to Sarah's one-time spy apartment.
  • Would they really be able to put enough about Chuck into one folder so that Sarah would be convincing in her role as a loving wife? Maybe they'll play the "Intersect amnesia" angle to help the ruse.
  • Apparently Quinn forgot the flash card that made Sarah loyal to him. Big mistake.
  • Is Nicholas Quinn dead? Or are we looking at another miraculous survival story? It could go either way.
  • Quinn is going to make a big mess when he hits the ground below that window.

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Will Chuck have some suspicions about the new Sarah? Based on this final clip, that seems to be the case:

  • Sarah walked home barefoot? She didn't have any shoes in that fancy apartment? That seems like poor planning on Quinn's part.
  • Nice Comic-Con poster in the background!
  • This is definitely not going to go smoothly for Chuck and his friends.

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Will Sarah realize the truth about Chuck? Is the marriage doomed? Is Quinn dead? What could possibly resolve all of this in one night? Share your thoughts and theories below!

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