'Chuck' Video: When They Were Bad...
'Chuck' Video: When They Were Bad...
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Sometimes, you've just got to be bad in order to be good. Chuck and Sarah find this out big time in this week's Chuck episode, "Chuck vs. the First Bank of Evil."

This short video clip from NBC shows Chuck and Sarah engaging in what might be considered illegal activity. You know, if you consider armed robbery to be illegal.

Although I'm sure that our heroes have the greater good at heart when they rob the bank, it does look like they're having more than a little fun with the heist in the meantime. There's no hint of Casey (is he off at his mysterious new job?) or Morgan (how much fun would Morgan be as a bank robber?), so the legitimacy of this particular mission isn't totally set.

A few things of note in the "Chuck vs. the First Bank of Evil" video:
  • How cool do Chuck and Sarah look in suits and sunglasses? Way to rob the bank in style!
  • It looks like Vivian is still involved in the action. Judging from last week's ending, however, we can't be sure which side she's going to be on. Is Vivian part of the act, or has she gone over to the side of evil?
  • Thanks to the brief mention of Macau, we may be looking at a spy trip to China. That could be good.
  • Considering that he's played by Francois Chau (Dr. Pierre Chang on Lost), it's a safe bet that the bank official seen briefly behind Chuck's gun is more than just a cowering extra.

Will Chuck and Sarah get away with their bank heist? Is there any chance of a true turn to evil once the spies get a taste for such evil deeds? And what exactly are the pair looking for in the bank? Leave us a comment with your theories and opinions!

(Image and video courtesy of NBC)