'Chuck' Video: Take a Sneak Peek at 'Chuck vs. the Kept Man'
'Chuck' Video: Take a Sneak Peek at 'Chuck vs. the Kept Man'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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For more than four years now, Chuck and company have managed to keep their CIA activities at the Buy More a secret. Is all that about to change? A new video from this week's episode, "Chuck vs. the Kept Man," indicates that someone might be about to learn some spy secrets. And a second video shows the changes that privatization might bring to the spy life.

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Neither video is particularly long, nor does they give us much information about the main action in "Chuck vs. the Kept Man." But the first video does have Jeff and Lester, so a little goes a long way.

Check it out below:

Instead of answers about "Chuck vs. the Kept Man," this video really does bring up nothing but questions. Questions like:

  • Will Jeff's newly carbon-monoxide-free brain be able to wrap itself around the truth lurking beneath the Buy More?
  • Will Lester be able to accept the truth instead of a more entertaining conspiracy theory? 
  • Are they the only ones who might find out the truth? What about Big Mike? How much does he know?
  • What is quite so enticing about Casey wearing a deep V-neck, cashmere sweater? 
  • How can they tell the sweater is cashmere just by looking at a security video?
  • What would happen if Jeff and Lester actually did learn about the spy presence in their midst.
  • Exactly how much sex has occurred in that home-theater room? And would you ever want to buy a home theater after thinking about that?
  • Does anyone in the Nerd Herd (other than Chuck, occasionally, in the early seasons of the show) ever actually fix a computer?
  • What does Jeff hope to accomplish with 3x5 cards?
  • Doesn't that pizza look tasty?

We can only hope that a few of these questions find answers this Friday (at 8pm on NBC) when we watch "Chuck vs. the Kept Man."

The second video might allude a little more to the actual main plot of "Chuck vs. the Kept Man." Also, it has skimpy bathing suits!

Here's the question, Chuck fans: Do you remember the specific episodes in which Sarah wore a) a cat suit, b) 7-inch platform high-heels, or c) a belly-dancing costume? If so, share your wisdom in the comments.

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Will Jeff and Lester learn the truth? Should they learn the truth? How will Casey look in his "banana sling?" Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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