'Chuck' Video: Spoilers and More from the First Season 5 Promo
'Chuck' Video: Spoilers and More from the First Season 5 Promo
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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We only have a few weeks until the season 5 premiere of Chuck, but information on the upcoming episodes has been limited at best. All we know is that everything is going to change. Now, thanks to a new promo video, we can get our first glimpse of everything new that's coming to Chuck in season 5.

Frankly, it's going to be awesome.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Really, really big spoilers about plot, characters and direction. It's all amazing, but I totally understand if you want to keep the mystery alive by not reading any further.

Mystery is highly overrated. Especially when compared to Chuck spoilers.

Speaking of which, click here for more spoilers, direct from the set of Chuck!

First of all, check out the season 5 Chuck promo:

Totally awesome, right? Obviously, a detailed analysis of every little, tiny bit would help to make the whole thing even more awesome.

  • We start with a flashback to some key season 4 highlights: Chuck loses the Intersect. Chuck and Sarah announce the founding of Carmichael Industries. Morgan puts on the Intersect glasses. Morgan knows kung fu.
  • Chuck's "computer emergency" infiltration must be from the first episode of season 5, when Craig Kilborn is slated to appear.
  • Mark Hamill! Mark Hamill!!! (He has a nice house.)
  • Morgan doesn't seem to be quite spy-ready yet.
  • Intersect or no, Chuck still seems rather able to throw a punch.
  • Morgan and kung fu! There is no way that cannot be cool.
  • Aw... Chuck's a little bit jealous of Morgan.
  • Of course, Casey isn't impressed by Morgan's new position.
  • All of those rumors about Ellie being more involved with the spy world? Apparently they're true, since she's analyzing Intersect glasses for Chuck.
  • There's no question that Chuck is the boss now. That should be interesting.
  • "Now you understand how important he is. And why he must fail." OK, there could not be a more ominous or expectation-laden line than that. Ever.

Alas, expectations must be kept in check for a little while longer. Chuck season 5 will premiere on NBC at 8pm on Friday, October 21.

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Are you looking forward to the final season of Chuck? Are you ready for the show to end after this season? Why do you think Chuck is so important to the shady spy types? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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