'Chuck' Video: Guess the 'Chuck' Series Finale Plot from the Promo
'Chuck' Video: Guess the 'Chuck' Series Finale Plot from the Promo
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
With mere days left until the Chuck series finale, anticipation is high. Will the good guys win? What will become of the Intersect? Will Chuck and Sarah get a happily ever after?

No clue.

But, I am prepared to hypothesize. Keep reading to check out the Chuck series finale promo and to make some guesses of your own.

WARNING: The video contains a couple of spoilers, if you are the type of stickler who considers any advance information a "spoiler." However, this video did air on NBC and therefore doesn't officially count as a source of Chuck spoilers. My predictions are only guesses and quite likely wrong.

Before I begin to theorize wildly on what might come in the Chuck series finale two-parter ("Chuck vs. Sarah" and "Chuck vs. the Goodbye"), you might want to take a look at the promo video:

Feel free to watch it again, if you want. The guesses will wait.

Ready? OK, here's my scene-by-scene analysis and theorizing about what will happen in the Chuck series finale.

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The first 13 seconds are nothing but pivotal scenes from previous seasons. Other than setting the mood, they are probably unimportant.

Scene 1
The first scene depicts Chuck and Sarah, standing in a dark place. Chuck has what appear to be some Intersect glasses. Sarah is there. Both look very, very scared.

Is this the supposedly-working Intersect that Nicholas Quinn mentioned in "Chuck vs. the Bullet Train"? Are they glasses that Ellie somehow fixed for them? Considering the dark clothes (standard spy couture) and general atmosphere of the situation, I would guess that Chuck and Sarah somehow managed to steal the working Intersect from the CIA.

The next question is: Who will put them on? My guess is Chuck. There have been hints in recent episodes that Chuck might be Intersect-bound again. And I can't imagine they would subject Sarah to another bout with the brain computer.

Or maybe they'll just break the glasses. That's a possibility.

Scene 2
This is a split-second view of a computer screen, looking like it's in the middle of a meltdown. The word "locked" is prominently visible.

Is this a computer in Castle? At the CIA?

Scene 3
In another split-second view, General Beckman looks very upset. Could she be in danger? I wouldn't be terribly surprised if Beckman is the token tragic death for the Chuck series finale.

Scene 4
We briefly see Chuck and Sarah race down some nondescript stairs. They're dressed nicely, so this was probably an undercover mission of some sort.

Scene 5
In another fast scene, Sarah is dressed in what might actually be her hot-dog vendor uniform from back in season 1. This might be a new situation, but there does seem to be fast food of some description.

Also, she kicks someone. The body shape suggests Nicholas Quinn. But, considering the angle, it could be anyone.

Scene 6
Two grey-toned cars crash. Chuck runs from the Nerd Herder over to the cars and finds Ellie in one.

Considering Chuck's statement of "What were you thinking?" it seems that Ellie might have -- for once in her life -- done something rash or foolish. She seems upset anyway.

Did Ellie cause the accident on purpose? Or maybe she has done something with more impact.

Scene 7
Sarah and Chuck dance (probably a tango) at a formal party. As we have seen this many times before, it's probably a cover for some spy activity.

Scene 8
Down in Castle, Sarah whirls around to see Mary Bartowski in full uber-spy, vengeful-Frost mode. Has Mary figured out that Sarah is not entirely trustworthy after her little Intersect incident? With her gun pointed at Sarah like that, I'm going to guess that she has.

Scene 9
Sarah calmly says "You stole my memories."

She could be saying this to anyone. Absolutely anyone. Sarah might believe that Chuck is responsible for the memory loss. She might have realized that Quinn is behind it all. Mary Bartowski might be the target of choice. It could even be the CIA as a whole, personified by General Beckman.

Whoever Sarah is speaking to, it probably will not end well for him or her.

Scene 10
Sarah beats up Chuck and hurls him against a mirror. She seems to be winning.

Scene 11
In possibly the oddest scene ever to appear in anything related to Chuck ever, John Casey hugs Chuck. Willingly.

I can't even begin to speculate on this one.

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Scene 12
Sarah, in a white room, pulls a gun on Chuck (?) and Morgan. This appears to be in the middle of a mission, possibly at the moment when Sarah goes rogue on Team Chuck.

Also a possibility with that white room: the Intersect. That's usually where they keep it.

Scene 13
Chuck points a gun at someone. Sarah???

Scene 14
Morgan, looking terrified, turns quickly in a brightly colored room. There might be an orchestra behind him.

Scene 15
Casey seems to be in a helicopter or something similar. It's not going well, considering that he wants to land immediately.

Scene 16
Chuck stands sadly while people behind him applaud. This might relate to scene 14 above.

Scene 17
In the last clip from the Chuck series finale promo, a tearful Sarah says "You really love me!" to Chuck. His somewhat terrified -- if earnest -- response might indicate that there has already been some significant violence and betrayal before this point.

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What do you make of the promo for "Chuck vs. Sarah" and "Chuck vs. the Goodbye"? How bad is Sarah now? Will everyone make it out alive? Share your theories and comments below!

(Image courtesy of NBC, video courtesy of NBC via ZacLeviNetwork on YouTube)