'Chuck' Season 5 Spoilers: A Shocking Return and a Family Reunion
'Chuck' Season 5 Spoilers: A Shocking Return and a Family Reunion
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
A lot will be happening on Chuck before the end of the year. Thanks to a rather spoiler-heavy promo clip showed at the end of last week's "Chuck vs. the Hack Off," fans know that a certain villain from Chuck's past will be returning. But what does that return mean for the spies? What else can we learn about those paying a visit to Burbank before Chuck season 5 comes to an end?

Keep reading to find out.

WARNING: There are spoilers ahead. Granted, some of those spoilers were totally given away by NBC for some reason that I'll never fathom. But they're still spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.

Still there? Cool.

Enter the Super-Villain
Of all of the bad guys from Chuck's past, Daniel Shaw is one of the worst. Add in the fact that his story had little closure -- we just saw Shaw shipped off to jail -- and Chuck season 5 could not be complete without a return.

Fortunately, we will get that completeness when Daniel Shaw returns to Chuck in "Chuck vs. the Santa Suit" on December 23. Check out the spoilery promo below:

So much for me (and every other TV critic) not giving away that big reveal!

Obviously revenge is high on Shaw's agenda. That was his main motivation before, and it remains his main motivation now. Daniel Shaw hates Chuck. He hates the CIA. He really hates Sarah. All of that hatred will find its release in "Chuck vs. the Santa Suit."

But Daniel Shaw will return with another motive as well. There is no way that I would spoil that twist. I will however remind you that a) Shaw still had the Intersect last time we saw him and b) There's a nasty computer virus in the Chuck universe.

Make of that what you will.

Bad Stuff Will Happen
Thanks in part to the presence of Daniel Shaw in "Chuck vs. the Santa Suit," the following bad things will happen:

  • One character will get shot.
  • One character will be in serious mortal peril (this may or may not be the character mentioned above).
  • There will be some disturbing kissing.
  • Someone will steal Christmas (or at least a part of it).
  • We will catch a glimpse of multiple holiday parties.
  • Someone unexpected will play a pivotal role in saving the day.
  • You will learn more than one disturbing thing about Stan Lee.

Moving On... To Family
As has previously been reported, Emma, Sarah's mother will finally show up in Chuck season 5. Played by Cheryl Ladd, Emma will figure prominently in the December 30 episode, "Chuck vs. the Baby." And now it's time for our first look at the lady herself:

White Collar star Tim DeKay will also feature in this episode as Sarah's former handler, Kieran Ryker.

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"Chuck vs. the Santa Suit" will air on Friday, December 23. "Chuck vs. the Baby" will air on Friday, December 30.

What will happen when Shaw comes back to Chuck? Who will be in the most danger? How cute are Sarah and her mom? Leave your comments below!

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