'Chuck' Season 5 Premiere Preview: Spoilers and More for 'Chuck vs. the Zoom'
'Chuck' Season 5 Premiere Preview: Spoilers and More for 'Chuck vs. the Zoom'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Chuck returns for its fifth season on Friday, October 28. And things will be different. With a new marriage, a new spy company and a new Intersect, is it possible for the Chuck we all know and love to be just as good for season 5?

The answer is yes. Resoundingly and hilariously yes.

Keep reading for a preview and even a few spoilers about the Chuck season 5 premiere.

WARNING: While you would have to be a super-spy to guess the entire plot of "Chuck vs. the Zoom" from these spoilers, they may give away small details of the episode. You have been warned...

"Chuck vs. the Zoom" picks up with Chuck, Sarah, Casey and Morgan as they embark on their new careers as privateering spies at Carmichael Industries. But all is not running smoothly. Morgan-as-the-Intersect, while kind of impressive at dishing out some kung-fu punishment, is still Morgan. And Chuck needs work. The team thus goes head-to-head with a Ponzi schemer, Roger Bale (guest star Craig Kilborn), in an attempt to regain $20 million stolen from their client.

Alas, not everything goes according to plan. Of course.

Click here to watch a video clip from "Chuck vs. the Zoom." 

It wouldn't be right to divulge more specific details about the Chuck season 5 premiere. Instead, check out the following brief, spoiler-rich tidbits about what you can expect from "Chuck vs. the Zoom."

  • "We're still working out the kinks" would be a good tag line for the episode. This might explain why it is uttered on more than one occasion.
  • Mark Hamill has an awesome fake accent.
  • When backed into a corner, the employees of Carmichael Industries believe in the power of defiant monologues for survival.
  • The real-estate market plays a prominent role throughout the episode and inspires an awesome acronym in Operation Toes in the Sand.
  • The racquet in the photo below is for squash.


  • The Intersect does not include instructions on antique vase restoration.
  • Richard Burgi reprises his role as Clyde Decker, the CIA agent with an agenda regarding Chuck. 
  • Chuck and Casey have different ideas about how one brings in clients into a business
  • "Flash" is so season 4. "Zoom" is what the cool kids are saying.
  • Casey doesn't like people who steal from Rush Limbaugh
  • Massage oil can cause a lot of problems. Especially if you need to fire a gun.
  • "Save Jeff Barnes" may or may not be a serious issue.
  • The survival of our heroes depends on a Post-It note. Yay for office supplies!

And we end with a multiple-choice question. I promise that one of these answers is correct.

What is the most important feature of a house for Chuck and Sarah?
a) Beachfront property
b) Ample rooms
c) A white picket fence
d) Multiple bowling alleys

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Chuck season 5 will premiere on Friday, October 28 at 8pm.

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