'Chuck' Recap: YOUR Top 5 Moments From "Chuck vs. The Business Trip"
'Chuck' Recap: YOUR Top 5 Moments From "Chuck vs. The Business Trip"
Christi Kassity
Christi Kassity
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
If there was one thing I was hoping for in "Chuck vs. The Business Trip" it would be the removal of the intersect from Morgan's melting brain. That happened moments into the episode and, for me, the rest was cake. So, how was I going to find moments to top that? I just couldn't! So this week I took to the Internet to find out what YOUR 5 fab moments of the episode were. As expected, there were many more than 5 favorite moments, but I was able to narrow it down since most of you seemed to agree. So, here you go, wonderful patrons of the world wide web; YOUR Top 5 moments from "Chuck vs. The Business Trip," as usual, in no particular order.

The Intersect - One Last Go (Now with 100% more ninja stars!)
"I miss the Intersect." You said it, Chuck. The Intersect wasn't even gone yet, and I was already starting to miss it. I think Morgan must have felt the same since he decided he needed one last Intersect joyride.
After the antics he pulled in the last episode, it was no wonder there was little hesitation at the chance to throw ninja stars at Morgan. I am jsut wondering why Casey didn't get in on the action. He has more pent-up aggression toward Morgan than Chuck and Sarah put together. A part of me even had hope General Beckman would have had a go as well. Missed opportunity if you ask me.
Morgan's interesting little game of catch reminded us how awesome the intersect is, and now that it is out of Morgan's head, does that mean it's gone for good? 

A New Hopeless
Everybody knows if you're going to watch Star Wars from the beginning or for the first time (or for the first time... again) you always start with Episode IV: A New Hope -- well, everybody except post brain-melt Morgan Grimes. It's a good thing Casey was there to... er, lead him in the right direction? I think we found Casey's preferred, subtle method of letting out some of that pent-up aggression. Not only did he encourage Morgan to start with The Phantom Menace, but he also intentionally broke one of the golden rules of any fandom: He spoiled Star Wars (and didn't even say spoiler alert!). You're a cruel man, John Casey.
I have to say, though, when he gave Morgan the first three Indiana Jones movies, and insisted there was not a fourth, it came from a place of love. I think we are all better off denying the existence of the fourth Indiana Jones movie. 

Charah - They're Not Just For "Shippers" Anymore
Week after week, Chuck and Sarah have demonstrated their strength -- both individually and especially when they work together. This episode was chock-full of delicious, epic "Charah" moments. I don't wonder at all why it was among your favorites. So, the couple who diffuses bombs, takes out the bad guy, saves the good guy, while keeping their independent spy business afloat together, stays together?
There aren't a lot of shows that could marry their two leads while keeping the quality and integrity the viewers have with the individual characters and the show as a whole intact. This is where most shows end up "jumping the shark." Chuck, if anything, has just made that bond between the leads and the audience much stronger, and it also gives us some incredible scenes like we had in "Chuck vs. The Business Trip." I won't pick them out individually, but the best way to tell if the scene was great is to answer two questions: Is Chuck in the scene? Is Sarah also in the scene? If you answered "yes" to both then I promise you it was a good scene.

Ohana Means Family
If you're like me, you got a little dust in your eye during Sarah's toast. Earlier this week on Twitter, there was a hashtag going around: #BecauseOfChuck. Days before the episode aired, fans shared how their lives have been forever changed because of the show. During this episode we got to hear Sarah's: "I've been having a hard time with the fact that I have no real friends, but I look around here at all of you today and I realize that #BecauseOfChuck, I do."
You know what? Ditto. 

This was the first time it really started to sink in that this is it -- the final season. I feel like things are slowly getting wrapped up, and this scene was so powerful because the actors feel it too. Sarah continues, "Nobody in the world is closer than we all are," and as a cast, I think most of them can agree they are closer than a lot of other shows -- and closer to their fans by leaps and bounds. It touched me as a fan, because I have been on that set, and I have seen the cast and crew interact with each other and with fans and I know its true -- we're all family. #BecauseOfChuck
I know I said these are in no particular order, but this stood out as the top moment for just about all of you, so I am declaring this the #1 moment of "Chuck vs. The Business Trip" and it is just one word...

What more is there to say? When being wheeled out of the Buy More by the new and improved (?) Jeff, Big Mike said the word that cannot be spoken. The one word that causes the entire Buy More to be evacuated. The word that hasn't been spoken since the first season: Pineapple.
I have to say, this week had a lot of great moments. So much so, that I feel a few honorable mentions are in order. Here is what you have to say on Twitter:

"So shocked you people are running out of money." I love General Becky -- (from @YOitzIvy)

Jeff having Lester arrested! -- (from @LittleChuckFan)

Casey stepping up, being a badass and doing what he had to do to protect his family -- (from @LittleChuckFan, @RedDesilets, +others)

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