'Chuck' Recap: Curses, Torture and Date Night, Oh My!
'Chuck' Recap: Curses, Torture and Date Night, Oh My!
Shaw is back. This week's "Chuck vs. The Curse" felt more like a filler episode -- a bridge between what happened last week and what will happen next week. It was a bit like Chinese food: satisfying but you'll be hungry for more in an hour.

With that said, I really couldn't pick 5 top moments, so instead I will talk about the powerhouses of the episode -- the girls and the power couples.

Ladies' Night

This episode was definitely won by the ladies of Chuck. If I had to pick an MVP of the ladies' team it would be General Beckman. The way she is able to scold the Spy More gang while tapping out a secret code to them on her desk with her nails was beyond badass, and I love the loyalty she has for Chuck and Co.

Another bodacious babe who really stepped up to the plate was Ellie. She lived up to her title of "Mrs. Awesome," and she did it all while going commando.

Normally, when talking about epic chicks, Sarah is the first one mentioned. I love Sarah as much as all of you but I really feel like she got a bit upstaged by both Beckman and Ellie. Of course, Sarah is still on the dream team, as nobody could have looked more kickass when taking out the bad guys in a blackout, but the episode as a whole really had me cheering for the other two.

Another trophy winner of the episode had to be Alex. It is good to see her back, keeping her cool and taking control. I think Morgan liked it too.

Power Couples

It would be hard not to notice all the power couples tonight: Chuck and Sarah, Ellie and Awesome, Morgan and Alex, and even Casey and Beckman.

Although Casey and Beckman are not actually a couple, they worked so flawlessly together tonight that it's a shame Beckman doesn't get out of the office much.

I feel like Chuck and Sarah were both upstaged tonight by everybody else. Chuck wasn't at his best, he felt more like the old Chuck than like the leader he has lately become. The careless moves, the folding like a house of cards -- it all felt like the old Chuck to me. Even Awesome put in more effort than Chuck --  and he did it without his shirt on (Thank you writers!).

In other heroic turns, Alex really stepped up and helped Morgan by calling the police to create a diversion so Morgan could sneak into Chuck's apartment and grab his "P.A.N.T.S." Awesome and Ellie proved why they make such a great team, even if spy work isn't their forte.

Still, there were definitely moments between Chuck and Sarah that I liked. The look Sarah gave Chuck before leaving him tied-up in the warehouse was a perfect scene.

The entire episode was about the Omen virus getting uploaded and taking out the Internet and crashing computer systems around the world. All of those things had to happen the way they did in order for the computerized locks on the cells in a CIA holding facility to short-out. That is how the episode ends, and thanks to NBC and their major spoilers we know that Shaw is prisoner 1647 in cell 5.

I anticipate one crazy/awesome episode next week. What did you think about "Chuck vs The Curse"? How do you feel about the return of Shaw? Are you happy NBC leaked the spoiler or would you rather have been surprised? Sound off in the comments!

Christi Kassity
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of NBC)