'Chuck' Recap: Chuck Bites the Bullet Train
'Chuck' Recap: Chuck Bites the Bullet Train
I loved every action-packed minute of this second to last episode of Chuck! The main setting of a Japanese bullet train is so fun and flashy. The dramatic battles of our heroic trio (Chuck, Sarah and Casey) against the mighty Quinn had me spellbound in suspense for the entire hour.

I can't believe this show is going to be gone faster than a speeding bullet train after next week! Boo hoo -- let the crying start now! But at the same time, I'll revel in the consolation that next week there's a two hour finale to look foward to!

A White Picket Fence Future for Chuck and Sarah ... or Not?

Several times throughout tonight's episode 11 of Chuck, we see Chuck and Sarah's sketch of a happy couple with a dog and baby standing in front of a house that's complete with the obligatory picket fence. Several other times we see that vision look more and more unlikely as Nicholas Quinn, my favorite, elegantly evil Chuck villain, seems to be getting his way.

Quinn threatens Casey's daughter's life to get Casey to let him out of the digitally locked coffin case he and Sarah had put him in. Sarah, Chuck and Casey have their work cut out for them as Quinn's people seem to be everywhere causing trouble. They even kidnap poor Alex when she heads out on a food run for Morgan and the gang who are trying to figure out the ins and outs of the flashes of consciousness Morgan experienced.

Sarah on the Download

Chuck is shocked when Sarah mentions she did the down and dirty download. After Sarah explains she had no choice, Chuck realizes it's done and he has to be OK with it. What causes him even more concern is Sarah's memory flashing, which seem to be happening with dire frequency. On the upside, Sarah seems to have new karate kicking skills, which come in handy when Sarah, Chuck and Casey are face-to-face with a gun-weilding Quinn in the aisle of the bullet train. Aft

er Quinn is disposed of for the time being (like a cockroach, he's not easy to kill), Sarah tells Chuck she didn't know what happened when she just started the kick fighting, but that she couldn't stop. Chuck then finds out from her that she's had forty flashes in two days, so his solution is to blindfold her so as not to activate the flashing. No more train views of Tokyo for Sarah!

Quinn Takes Sarah as His Stealing "Soldier"

Although Casey, along with the "help" of Lester and Jeff, manages to put out some fires in the case, Quinn comes back stronger than ever. He kidnaps Sarah and uses her flashing ability to help him steal the Intersect's technology.

By the time Chuck finds the location where Quinn first took Sarah, all that's there on the chair she had sat in was a note from Quinn: "Nice try." (This kind of thing is why Nicholas Quinn is my favorite Chuck villain!)

The fast-paced episode ends with a chillingly mind-controlled Sarah who doesn't remember much of anything -- even Quinn. Quinn reminds her that he's her "handler" and he shows her a photo of Chuck. She says she doesn't know who it is. Quinn tells Sarah: "Your orders are to kill Chuck Bartowski," and I love that this is the ending line to lead us to the finale!

What do you think, Chuck fans? Do you think it's bye-bye for Chuck, or will he and Sarah tie the knot in the finale?

Sheri Stirrs
Contributing Writer

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