'Chuck' Recap: Still Working Out the Kinks
'Chuck' Recap: Still Working Out the Kinks
Chuck begins its final season in a familiar position in the NBC hierarchy, destined to fail against the highest-rated World Series in years. However, determined Chuck fans are more than happy to see Morgan take over control of the Intersect.

Morgan's Starting to Zoom

Chuck isn't at peace with Morgan being the man with the Intersect and it becomes clear when Morgan tells him of his decision to describe his glimpses into the program's knowledge as "zooms" rather than "flashes." The fact that Morgan thought of such a seemingly trivial detail is one of the things that has always been the stronger points of the character and his relationship with Chuck. 

Morgan manages to strike up a new relationship with a chubby Craig Kilborn over a game of squash. 

Chuck and Sarah's Marital Woes Are Better Than Yours

Sarah is certain that Chuck is hiding something from her and confronts him, conceivably setting the stage for a big fight. However, when Chuck gets home he finds his wife looking positively ravishing, which proves to be the best strategy. 

She finds out quickly that Chuck and Morgan are working on finding a dream home for the newlyweds. They discuss some long-term plans for what they've always wanted. Is this possible foreshadowing to how the series will end up? It would give fans the nice happy ending they want. 

Tucker Gets the Last Laugh

Chuck's role to stay in the van blows up in his face when Tucker intercepts his bank transmissions of Bale's accounts. That action sets off the alarms alerting Bale and traps Morgan, Casey and Sarah. 

Fortunately, Chuck has one last trick up his sleeve to save his partners by calling on his experience as part of the Nerd Herd. It turns out to be the perfect combination of his roots as an IT guy and super spy as he jumps out of a high-story window onto the van's roof waiting below. Unfortunately, they all return to find out that Tucker has cleaned out their fortune, leaving them with nothing left but the Buy More. 

This episode was a prime example of all the things have always made Chuck one of the best shows on TV. It also provided a strong outline of where this season is headed by establishing Tucker as the big bad, and what additional financial hardships they all will be forced to overcome. It should be very fun to watch.

Casey Casteel
Contributing Writer

(Image courtesy of NBC)