'Chuck' News: Guests, Pregnancy and a Wedding?
'Chuck' News: Guests, Pregnancy and a Wedding?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Having just passed what was once a season/series finale but is now but a midway point, it's time for more news about Chuck. And, as is fitting for a show with a whole bunch of new episodes on the way, there is a lot of that news.

Guest Stars
As we have come to expect from Chuck, there will be a good number of guest stars appearing throughout the second half of season 4. The two most notable inclusions are Linda Hamilton and Timothy Dalton. It was confirmed to TVLine that both Hamilton's Mary Bartowski and Dalton's Alexei Volkoff will return for "multi-episode arcs."

This seems pretty obvious in the case of Hamilton. Her character has just been reunited with long-lost family and she has a granddaughter. Disappearing immediately would just be weird. The character of Volkoff is a little more of a surprise, since we last saw him being carted off to prison. Will he escape? Have crucial information that leads the heroes to his door? Something else?

Honestly, who cares? The more Dalton on the screen, the better. It doesn't matter why.

Other guest stars we can expect to see:
  • Robin Givens as a spy boss who knows a lot more about what's going on than anyone. Possibly even more than General Beckman. She should show up in episode 16.
  • Lauren Cohan will play an upcoming character who may or may not be Volkoff's daughter. Fortunately for the Chuck-Sarah relationship, she will not be a standard love interest.
  • Isaiah Mustafa and Stacy Keibler will return as their Greta characters for an episode that will explain what is actually going on with all the people named Greta.
  • For the Feb. 14 episode of Chuck, a female spy team (the "Cat Squad") from Sarah's past will arrive. The lady spies will be played by Mini Anden (returning as Carina), Mercedes Masohn and Mircea Monroe.

Ellie's Pregnant Again!
Sort of. While the character of Ellie Bartowski has just given birth, the actress who plays her, Sarah Lancaster, has only recently become pregnant. Life really does imitate art sometimes.

People reported yesterday that Sarah Lancaster had quietly married her boyfriend, Matthew Jacobs last weekend. The bride also turns out to be pregnant. But don't expect another awesome baby in the near future -- it's early enough in Lancaster's pregnancy that producers plan to just work around it.

Are Those Wedding Bells?
Thanks to an incredible scene drowned out by professional cleaning equipment, Chuck and Sarah are finally engaged. Yay! But it turns out that the relationship might get even more serious in the near future.

Although executive producers Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz insist that no final decisions have been made, they are toying with the idea of a wedding before the end of this season. In fact, there had been an idea to squeeze the wedding in before this week's episode. But they decided it might be too much.

The future of the relationship now seems to depend on storylines throughout the season and on whether Chuck will get a fifth season. That last, key point still remains (as always) a question.

What are you looking forward to in the second half of Chuck's fourth season? Do you want a fifth season? Leave us a comment below with your opinions!

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