'Chuck' Interview: Yvonne Strahovski Talks About 'Chuck vs. the Hack Off'
'Chuck' Interview: Yvonne Strahovski Talks About 'Chuck vs. the Hack Off'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Back in September, Chuck invited journalists to visit the show's set during the filming of "Chuck vs. the Hack Off." That episode airs this Friday (December 9) and finds the spies divided -- John Casey (along with Lester) is in prison, while Chuck and Sarah need to infiltrate a new-age commune in order to complete their own mission.

While on the set, we had the chance to talk to Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah) about what exactly was going on in "Chuck vs. the Hack Off."

While the mission itself remained a little vague during our time on the set (it had something to do with finding the scientist creator of a dangerous virus), one thing was immediately obvious: semi-nudity.

All of the actors -- Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski included -- seemed to be clad in tiny, little half-robes. When asked about her costume for the day, Strahovski laughingly said, "This is way too short."

She obviously felt the same way about her co-star's short robe, since, when asked about Zachary Levi's full wardrobe, all Strahovski would admit was, "We hope that he's wearing underwear."

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Infiltrating a hippie-esque commune isn't a normal mission for the spies of Carmichael Industries, so it's not surprising that Sarah would need time to process the day. "I think she's a little weirded out by the whole thing," said Yvonne Strahovski. "But, you know, they're on a mission. So they have to find the bad guy. There's always a bad guy, isn't there? We always have to find the bad guy, find the little chip or the little computer thing or whatever things we're looking for..."

Since the spies do have to find the bad guy, of course they will have to revert to their standard spy behavior, no matter how much peace and love surrounds them. "We do have a fight scene that we're about to shoot," admitted Strahovski. She then qualified the violence: "We've had more vicious setups."

"Chuck vs. the Hack Off" also marks the directorial return of Zachary Levi. When asked about her co-star's third time in the director's chair, Yvonne Strahovski had nothing but praise. "He knows what he's doing, and he's really good at it," she said. "He trusts us as characters and as people to know where to go."

Strahovski had similar praise for one of this episode's guest stars, Carrie-Anne Moss, who will return as Carmichael Industries' rival, Gertrude Verbanski. "I love her!" exclaimed Yvonne Strahovski. "She is so amazing. She is so much fun. I sort of think that she and I talk between scenes all day and don't pay attention."

It's good to know that everyone was happy while working on Chuck season 5.

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"Chuck vs. the Hack Off" airs on Friday, December 9 at 8pm.

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